I would like to see some dialogue before a match starts with each character…depending who youre fighting against…and also on the end depending on who it is u beat,if ur still on the green bar,and/or if u ultrad them(or did a humiliation/orultimate…if we get those things in the future)…i know it isnt nccessary to have dialogue among characters but it would be a nice touch up… and maybe for characters who dont speak…perhaps…just make them… more angry… or snarl/growl


I’d love to see some personality beyond opening lines and the closing line. Season 2 story was a great start for that.
When I heard about S1 story mode, my expectations shot way up.
I wanted to see Thunder bid farewell to a tearful and worried wife as he leaves to enter the tournament.
I wanted to see Jago walk through the ruins of his tiger shrine and develop his vengeful feelings.
I’d like to explore Sadira’s cave as she teaches her students.
Or watch Fulgore’s assembly hot off the factory line while his programmed initiatives are uploaded by scientists.
And for S2 I wanted to see Maya hunting with the Nightguard.
Or Japanese villagers carefully avoiding Hisako’s shrine as they tell horrifying stories about finding the remains of those who might linger around those ruins after dark.

We have such beautiful characters with so little dialogue.
Sadly, I know that such an effort would really hold up development of S3.


MKX is a funny game.

The attention given to the elements before and after are match are very immersive both the characters and game.
Much more attention than the fighting engine, IMO.

Now having said that piece… If resources can go into a bit more roster screen or pre-game banter so that we are bit more diversified as matches occur, that would be sweet.

I do gotta say it, the Story Mode voice isn’t bad BUT it doesn’t break too far above adequate. Between his “Destiny’s Ghosts” performance and lack of personal character banter before a match, there is a blandness to some elements that do stick out amongst a rock anthem of… Well anthems!

I think that’s where ARIA’s voice takes slack too, it’s reserved and librarian-like when the motif of the game is EX. TREEEEEEEEEEEMMMMME!

Definitely not a top priority layer BUT something that shouldn’t be thought of as low the way SFV seems to be amalgamating the competition.
Players WILL like the personal character banter, they’ll love it when it isn’t too repetitive and/or remembers player vs player previous match-ups.
It’s a nuance that really is part of the “je ne sais quoi.” to all.

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It’s interesting that you mention the voice over. I don’t know that guy’s name, but he does a ton of voice work narration and obviously he has a great voice and is good at what he does. But I tend to agree with you that it comes off as somewhat bland. I think that’s a design decision and not a criticism of his performance.

I remember a thread on the previous forum debating Max’s performance of the script at PAX. It got really u g l y (seriously guys, we can probably handle that word…) with people being petty and jealous (in my opinion) so I probably shouldn’t resurrect the subject, but I actually liked how he did it. It was a bit less polished than the current VO but I thought it sort of captured the spirit of the game a bit better. Max sounds like a fan loving the over the top cheesy story. I think on one level KI is really a fighting game that can be thought of as a kid playing with his toys and making them fight and hearing Max’s VO to me really invoked (in a good way) the narration that kid might be hearing in his head.


[quote=@bigbadandy]It’s interesting that you mention the voice over. I don’t know that guy’s name, but he does a ton of voice work narration and obviously he
has a great voice and is good at what he does. But I tend to agree with
you that it comes off as somewhat bland. I think that’s a design
decision and not a criticism of his performance.[/quote]
Most definitely, heavy emphasis on the last sentence :smile:
Critique, not complaint… If it’s cheesy, it matches the OG game. If it’s over the top, it matches the new game. Can’t lose.

Also, to add with what you said about the essence of KI:
It was always a declaration of love for music and fighting games. From the first game till now, for all its faults, the intent was always to say "I LOVE THIS ■■■■!!!"
KI is the culmination of 2D fighting love, more-so today that individual characters embody the very ideals of character types AND other games within the genre as a whole with a balance not seen in years for a “new” game.

… Also, totally get the 80’s cartoon narrator vibe at the moment.

I want to see that video of Max’s narration. I going to look it up now… i liked it as well and didnt understand why everyone was so pissed off. It was so bad, Max had to come on here and made a statement so everyone would chill out. He never posts on here…ever.

the funny thing is… IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Just a different voice! And honestly it sounds like he is reading it live there at the event. He may not be, but what I’m getting at is its not even a polished finished VO. It could have been just as good if not better than the guy on there now. IMO

Funny how elongating the first syllable a few times can feel more… Something.

TBH, either with a VA-coach helping when to pause and elongate can be enough to elevate it to where it should be.

… A bit of the writing can use a look over once in a while too. I think it was Aganos’ story where I was reminded of Kung Fu Panda’s "Legends tell of a legendary warrior. Whose Kung Fu skills were the stuff of LEGEND!"
It was cute and very 80’s :smiley:

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind a second intro/outro sequence, or something along those lines, but it doesn’t seem the priority at the moment. I’d support it though, if IG did a survery or something. Maybe character specific intros could be fun too, it’d just be a bit difficult with the season 1 cast since some of the voice actors for those characters were from within Double Helix. Well…Ken Lobb coming back to voice Thunder isn’t a stretch since he’s MS, but Mike isn’t coming back for Jago probably, or the announcer.

While I like the idea of additional dialogue, I think it would be quite hard, simply because many of the characters don’t actually have dialogue - Sabrewulf, Riptor, Glacius, Aganos, Spinal, Fulgore, etc.

instead of talking they can do gestures or different actions

T rated dialuge hell yeah!


It’s a neat idea, just not one that’s real high on my priority list. Make sure they get as much gameplay related goodness in there as possible. Plus, as @GalacticGeek said, many of the characters don’t actually speak. I mean, in MKX they have ways around it, but a) they’re quite limited in actual dialogue in those cases, and b)only apply to 2 characters instead of half a dozen or so.
I think a good half way point that would alleviate the issue of the less talkative characters would be to limit it to rivals. Keeps things simple for most occasions, thus keeping down the cost and time/effort needed to implement it. As a bonus, it makes it so the story is more deeply integrated into gameplay.
Picture this. Kan-Ra meets a random opponent, does his usual thing. Aganos meets a typical foe, does his usual thing.
Now, say Kan-Ra and Aganos meet up. Kan-Ra gets a massive grin on his face, and applies very specific, very personal taunts to his decades old opponent. Things like “Oh would you look who it is, that foolish king’s old guard dog! Shame you haven’t been able to fulfill his dying wish. How shameful!” Aganos’s eyes flash red ala his instinct mode, wrought with guilt and fury. He forms the peace maker and snaps it in two, bellowing a mighty war cry as he engages his arch rival.
Or maybe TJ meets up with Fulgore, promising the rematch of the century…and Fulgore simply “flips the bird” like his taunt.
Orchid or Hisako finally finding ARIA.
O/H: "You will pay for what you’ve done!"
ARIA: “You choose to fight ME? Hmph, good. Humanity will be much better off one you’re out of the way.”

Imagine if these rival cutscenes carried over into regular gameplay. It’d certainly bring the story into greater focus, and make new players a lot more likely to want to explore the lore.
So in conclusion, maybe instead of the lengthy process of making custom tailored dialogue for each fight, just give clues to the scale of certain, very important battles in relation to your character’s story. I think that’d be pretty rad.

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I can dig it…but I feel like they should also be a different ending…depending if u ultrad ur opponent…or if not…if u beat them still in your green bar

Yeah, I can see that. Something along the lines of “It’s over…it’s done” or “VICTORY IS MINE!” depending on which rival wins.