Dhampir Vampire (Blood Manipulator)

We got Kim Wu out now! But we got another guest now: Arbiter.

I just hope a vampire will be available for the KI season 3.

Since we know two dhampir:

  • Blade (but TJ is using his costume)
  • Darkstalkers’ Donovan Baine

How would KI bring out a new dhampir from a vampire?

We got…

  • Castlevania
  • Underworld
  • Various vampire movies

Just don’t know how to bring that out. And that it can be a rival to Sabrewulf.


  • He/she can have a blood meter to feed on his opponent.
  • Can summon bats as a projectile since Sabrewulf once had that.
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Did you know Adam say about Vampire will be in S3?

Well yes. I just had to say it.

But anyway, back to topic.

What do you think if the vampire will be half-breed like Blade & Donovan Baine? If full-fledged, they gotta do something to get people interested in vampires again.

I would also like to see something like this added in.

What about a half-breed vampire?

Perhaps KI will have a mix of Dante & Alucard blended in to join. If a female, perhaps someone like Selene from Underworld & Bloodrayne blended?

I see the vampire’s stage being like this:


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Just one more familiar dhamphir. Bloodrayne, my particular favorit. I’d rather see her in ki than Joanna dark.