Devil's Landing

I’ve been watching a lot of archived Tournaments (and really enjoying them), and one questions I have: Why is Devil’s Landing the most popular/favourite stage in the game? It seems to be used the most and I’ve heard commentators say a few times that it’s the best.

I’m also very, very impressed how a lot of Top 8 players are using the basic Xbox Wireless Controller, and doing exceptional with it.

For most people, Devil’s Landing is like the KI equivalent to the training room, and the least lagged stage.

Ah, okay. Interesting that it lags the least, with the weather and particle effects that it has.

People claim it’s the least laggy stage online. I have considerable doubts about this, but it’s pretty apocryphal within the community at this point, so in any streamed match it’s where the players are most likely to go.

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A lot of people have more detailed reasons. But I just like the way it looks, and the music.