Devil May Cry 5


I don’t know if it really makes sense to get too wrapped up in this kind of debate. Even without malicious intent I don’t think companies always offer the unvarnished truth about their internal decision making and I’m always hesitant to think we really understand the “why” when it comes to the decisions they make.


Okay, so I just finished 5 and I have a question. I’ll hide it with a spoiler tag, but I want to know.

The Yamato can cut through dimensions. Why can’t Dante and Vergil just leave the underworld. In fact, demons escape that place all the time. How are they trapped?


This is not a mod. I repeat, this is not a mod


Is that unlockable or some kind of tease?

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Discovered files

Looks unfinished though


I guess we sorta know what the DLC might be, if they’re going for anything.


Finished DMC5 last weekend. I was seriously impressed with how Dante’s gameplay turned out. It’s like they took everything people enjoyed about him from previous games put it all into one colossal package. The weapon loadout system plus the way his new abilities are implemented lets you play him however you prefer. And in general he feels really powerful, which is great.

I still think there are a few things DMC3 did better, particularly the story which was kinda weak and really predictable here. But so far 5 feels like a strong contender for best game in the series overall. I can’t wait to try out the harder difficulties, especially the bosses.


I just wish they’d give me a reason to use something other than the classic Ebony/Ivory/Rebellion combo. All the other weapons I got were just too slow, imo.


I didn’t think so. Balrog and Faust in particular were amazing. And I haven’t messed much with Cerberus, but it seemed pretty dang good too.


I can’t even remember The names for most of them I used them so little. They all just move so slowly I’m constantly getting hit out of combos.


Game of the Year


Any confirmed news for DLC? I don’t want to believe that Bloody Palace is the only thing we’re getting. At least the reboot gave us Vergil story DLC.

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The scene with Lady and Trish at the end might have been a hint about something with them later. I think we’ll either get DLC or a DMC5 Special Edition at some point in the future, with Vergil being inevitable as part of it.



Pretty excited that DMC is making its way to a portable system, even if this should have been the trilogy collection right off the bat.


I know right. DmC 1 is easily my least favorite too. Too much like RE.


I try to get into DMC V combo videos, I made this, is it respectable?


Very impressive.


Yeah it’s weird, it also means they’ll have to make DMC2 and DMC3SE as part of a bundle (because no one will buy DMC2 otherwise).

At least it’s not DMC2, that game is a bunch of good ideas and literally nothing else. Pretty much “wasted potential” the game.