Destructoid ReReviewed KI

Am on phone and can’t post the link. But it got a 8.5.

Edit: Found out how to do it on phone.


They said “genral Ramm” What is a genral? Also because of this,this thread will be locked. Fair review though.

The reviewer didn’t mention cross play (only cross buy).

Most probably he didn’t knew since he found it strange that PC online waits on a black screen. He didn’t knew this is because the PC player has to wait the Xbox player to load.


Makes total sense now. I didn’t get to play s3 on the xbone since I sold it before launch, but I have noticed that sometimes on the vs. screen my game loads faster than it seems it should and I am stuck waiting on a black screen. Makes sense now after further investigation and memory recollection. The character select always lagged for the xbone while on PC it does not. Seems like the PC users load quicker and have to wait in a black screen until the xbone on the other players end catches up. Good piece of info, hadn’t occurred to me.

Yeah the PC load times are insanely fast, especially with an SSD. If I had an Xbox I’d still play it on PC for this detail alone.