Destiny 2 Gameplay trailer

I’ve already preordered! Clan on PS4 is ready to ROCK!

Just waiting for the beta :]

Same here. I purchased the 100 dollar version

Destiny 1 has been out for nearly three years, though. :sweat_smile:


Looks the exact same gameplay wise , but that was the most solid part of destiny 1. It looks promising with the changes to the open world aspect and quest. Hopefully the story is in the actual game this time. I wont be buying this game until its well into its lifespan. I dont want another deastiny 1 situation where my progression is halted behind a paywall after 4 months of play

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Snooze fest.

I’d rather have Borderlands 3

I really hope they can turn things around with this sequel. The gameplay foundation is there; they just have to make a game with the scope and quality of content worth diving into.

Destiny, as it is right now, is lightyears better than it was the game first came out. Hopefully they start off everything on the right foot. Thus far it seems like they’ve learned from their mistakes.