Derp Sadira - Killer Times With Hi Im Keith Part 8

Sadira Pls

Shoulda called her “Saderpa”.

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Yeah the Sadira should have used her kunais for better zoning. I always use some form of Widow’s Bite to make some of my attacks safe against Riptor, but honestly, Riptor is rather glitchy to fight against in the first place. You can’t do a light manual after an opener, due to her hitbox. The manual misses completely (at least with Sadira). Riptor also has an uncanny ability to avoid getting trapped during Sadira’s Instinct. I once placed a web trap right in front of a Riptor, they walked right into it, entered Instinct, and proceeded to pummel me until I died and then the trap caught them.

These issues have less to do with balancing, as they do actual glitches between Riptor and Sadira. :frowning:

I tend to fair pretty well against Riptor, but my goodness the damage that dino can do… crazy.

Sadira can do more damage than Riptor. Sadira has a level 5 shadow cash out damage ender while Riptor does not.

Wait what? Verizon? Poor guy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time we meet, I’ll will be out for a revenge! :smiley: Sadira will tame that dino, and then ride it like a DinoRider! WOOT!

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Revenge… REVENGE! I had to stand in for all the Sadiras out there and make up for the Derpiness of the last Sadira.

I was sad though that our battle was cut short. Stupid netcode, but I’m glad that I made up for the Death by Tail from our last battle. :smiley:

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