Demotions in ranked should be a thing

If you can’t stay winning I think u should be demoted


That’s a terrible idea, i have days where i can go entire sessions losing 90% of matches, and then others where I win 90% of them, I was running something like 6 - 20 earlier because id been trying new characters online but then I went back to my main and ended up at 31-32 and got into silver rank.

That already happens - if you lose, you lose points. You can go all the way to the bottom of the tier if you lose more than you win.

If you make it to killer tier and have not played ranked leagues over the course of a month, you’ll drop to the bottom of gold tier automatically too.

,and any player can choose to requalify entirely once a month.

I personally do NOT support your stance.

Even though many players choose to play casually in ranked, it is SUPPOSED to be where you play your best. Your rank and your wins/losses also affect the rank and wins/losses of everyone else, so ranking should be as precise as possible.

If a higher-tier player starts playing badly, and they start giving lower-tier players undeserved points, they should ABSOLUTELY be sent back to a previous tier.

That would solve a lot of the issues people complained about in Season 2.

The season 3 changes are great, and i think they will be enough, but adding in demotions would solve the issues 100%.

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no its called ranked its where your supposed to know what league your in and how to handle match ups know how to win? good u deserve to stay in your tier, starting to lose? well maybe you need to play lower tier players in order to figure out what your doing wrong and practice to win more it wold make the game more competitive and bring out competitve players

its not if u cant win and u keep losing u should be demoted, But if u start winning again u should be promoted that how ranked should work obviously if your practicing match ups u shouldnt have a problem staying in whatever tier u belong in.

But if you can beat enough players to earn a spot into a certain tier, doesn’t that mean you have the skill to stay there (and that wasn’t just a fluke)? I think it does.

If you want to play lower tiers in order to figure out what you’re doing wrong, that’s what exhibition is for. :wink:

…or even better, you could always use training mode too. I hear that helps out a lot. :slight_smile:

Please no! This was one of the most frustrating and demotivating things about Season 1’s Ranked. I don’t want to have that ever again. Since they introduced Ranked Leagues, I have been enjoying this game far more.


We got ego stroking in here…

Idiotic statements like this

Speak for yourself.

Like I said its not a fluke if you can keep ur rank if your losing like 10+ or something you really should be demoted. It actually helps people learn to get better, if you can’t hang there’s always exhibition or lobby simple

Let me guess bronze?

Dunno haven’t qualified.

Before you speak on my post saying I’m ego stroking you could of I dunno at least try to get where I am?

Not a fan of the bottom of the barrel. I prefer mid and up. Thanks for the offer though.

So, because you’re “high” , you can speak like this?
Stay human, please.

There is a more usual way to get better, it’s “losing” and not “lose everything”.
Losing a rank hardly rewarded is a big mess.

An example: You got fresh promoted to Killer Tier and you’re 1st fight is vs…The 1st of the rank.
And you lose of course.

What should you feels when you got stomped by the best of the best?
It really means you don’t deserves the rank?
Demoting was the worse thing in S1. What’s the deal to make a stupid system like this?
===>Getting hardly promoted and in one fight, got demoted?
Really? It’s fair for you?

Getting demoted isn’t get better, it’s even worse.
Because guess what?
Be promoted mean you’re better than the bracket you were, and beat a Top tier for the promote match mean that you have the minimum level to handle Killer tier.

Lose few matchs doesn’t mean you doesn’t deserves or haven’t the level to be here. Not at all.
Because losing few matchs vs equal opponents make you stronger and not weaker.
Making matchs vs weakers doesn’t make you better.

Stay human, son.

The thing is, everybody has bad days where they might lose ~10 matches. I have them all of the time, and I ranked in the top 95 on the leaderboards! So, while you might be right in your line of thinking, I think 10 wins is a bit low for that. 10 losses doesn’t mean much over the course of hours or even days and days of play - to be demoted for that seems a bit harsh, IMO.

A bit off topic, but I highly suggest you refrain from this kind of discourse. It’s demeaning in a way and entirely negative. Try to stay positive and not incriminate yourself by insulting others. :wink: