Definitive Edition (Windows 10) Gold, Primal skins - When?

Also, are Omen’s colors coming with?

Last we heard was in the coming days, and that was in the steam release Q&A.

However long it takes you, I don’t care. No rush from me. Some official word, ballpark, would be nice though.

Cheers, thanks for the free stuff, and congrats on the steam rollout.

They said Omen’s colors are included too. I can’t remember where but I know they said it. Basically the Definitive Edition is finally actually becoming the Definitive Edition with everything included.

The silence is deafening.

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@rukizzel Uh… any word on those gold skins??? Been 2 weeks now… You’ve vanished off the face of the earth.

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So what’s the dealio?

An update would be nice. The coming days have passed, we’re into the coming weeks now.

A week later, figured worth a bump.
Zero information or communication on this.

Just logged in earlier, and they were all unlocked, except Gold Pack 6 for some reason. Anyone else have the same issue?

Yeah, same issue. Gold Pack 6 does show up as owned for me in the Microsoft Store with the play anywhere stamp, just not in-game. Work in progress perhaps.

Okay, it seems to be fixed now.