Definitive Edition Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus (OMG)

I may actually buy this now, it’s worth it for the skin alone.


Nah. I already have too many controllers…

Its a skin, not a controller lol


My bad, fixed it. Still worth it though.

Is this real?

Yes. But I wish I can get that skin without buy KI: DE…


It looks neat but those kinds of things wear off, if I got it I’d probably never stick it to my controller >.>

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I dunno, you tell me. XD

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Some people were already upset because of the Gold Gargos bonus, now this…


Gold Gargos is actual in-game content, I doubt this will stir things up anymore than that. Anyone wanting the physical stuff like the soundtrack, bonus videos and now this skin were already expecting to have to buy the disc. xP

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@KevBones10 You can make your own controller and console skin to look way better than that one. I have a kick ■■■ console skin and 2 controller skins I dont use. A Kan-ra and a Glacius. Ill bring them to Absolute battle and give them to you!


Funny how just two days ago people were complaining about no controllers.


How’d you make the controller skins dude?

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I’d like to see the Glacius one.

Well I already decided that I was going to get the DE for the extra stuff this just makes it so much better.

You can look them up on Ebay, amazon…also just search Xbox one custom skins. There are several sites with templates that you upload your own artwork into or file you copy from online.

You can make anything you want!!! Anything!

I didnt make the skins I have, my fiancee had them made for a Xmas present and she did her best but she picked things I wouldn’t have…like the Glacius and Kan-ra controller skins. My console skin is Cinder but the original prototype Alien cinder art-work lol. Plus she uploaded the Kinect skin upside down so I cant use it either.

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Nah. I like my controller skin better tbh.

Just make your own.


Post them! :open_mouth:

Eh, I prefer the DE one. It’s simple.

The links or the pictures of my skins? the console skin is posted some where around here on one of the old threads about console skins.

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