Definitive Digital Problems

Does anyone know how to get the special features from the digital version of the Definitive edition. It is advertised as having a bunch of special features in the store. There is no extra app in ready to download. That and all season 2 characters are missing their retro costumes. Anyone know a fix?

I ran into this too and posted a similar topic as well as on Reddit and IronGalaxy’s twitter account.

From what I can tell we can’t get the Season 2 retro costumes because either:

  1. There is no Ultra Season 2 DLC, there is a Combo breaker version, but no Ultra. It seemed that the retro costumes were under the Ultra label.

  2. When I go to view the “Add-ons” the only one not installed is Season 1&2 Double Combo. Oddly it still shows $29.99. Now I have all 3 seasons of characters, and the retro costumes of 1 and 3 - but no 2. Possibily locked behind this DLC…

Do you get Gold/Platinum Gargos with the digital version?