Defend The North 2017

Killer Instinct was at Defend the North this year I believe but I can find absolutely nothing about it or VODs despite the fact that it was in fact on the schedule. Does anyone have any info on the top 8 or VODs, was it not on stream even?

Matches start around 02:55:00

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I can tell you who won, but I don’t want to spoil it.

UABass beat CircaNicky in the grand finals in a Mira mirror


Top 8 was boring, there was this scrubby omen player that got dunked by raven is raw.


Well, that Omen player should know that if he got to Top 8, winning a tourney should be no problem with a bit of tweaking and dedication, and should take those matches during that event and review them.


You’re right. That Omen player should know that


Thanks a ton! Was anything outside of top 8 streamed?

Lol I’ve been bodied by you several times online but im an actual scrubby gold player

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@TheNinjaOstrich @STLemonHunter :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: i appreciate your spirits so much.


Dude lets play a set sometime.

There was a FT7 Exhibition between Circa Nicky and Pink Diamond on the first day of the tournament. Starts around 2:05:00

Watched about the first half. I didn’t even know the tournament was on. Too bad the commentators are so weak. I don’t really feel as though they contributed much.

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Unsurprisingly, the chat was just as bad.:expressionless:

I’m still pissed about EVO… it really was a hard blow to KI. Nonetheless, congrats to everyone who participated in this one.


There are definitely going to have to be some Mira nerfs.