Default Theme on Astral Plane Is OMEN'S not GARGOS'

I have Shadow Lords and unlocked the Astral Plane. The default theme is the OMEN/SHAGO theme. It should be Gargos’ clearly. Just thought I’d give a heads up.



While I agree Gargos should have precendence, since Omen already has a stage, I would rather it have Eyedols awesome track…suits the stage more aswell I feel…


I also think it should default to Gargos’ theme. I love the Omen/Shago track, but we really don’t need two stages with it. Better to use one of the currently homeless character themes.


Astral Plane suits Omen much more than Shadow Tiger’s Lair.
My opinion is that they should make another stage for Gargos in the middle of hell.

This means Omen’s theme is default for 2 different stages… Please switch to Gargos.

Gargos doesn’t come from hell though… He comes from the astral plane…


I agree. Omen/Shago can share their theme on the stage they share, I feel like Gargos’s theme should default on Astral Plane. Or at least Eyedol’s.


I’m with you guys, Gargos theme for the Astral Plane. Let’s keep the Herald of Gargos track on the Shadow Tiger Lair default. It gives the Gargos theme a moment to shine a little more.

However, I would also like to see an option in the soundtrack menu to assign the theme to whoever is the rival, like if you are fighting Maya, you automatically hear Maya’s theme. If you play Omen, you automatically hear Omen’s theme. If you play Rash, RAAM, Mira, Eyedol, etc.

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It’s really confusing to see this be the case. I mean, The Astral Plane is Gargos’s stage. You have to beat the boss version of him to get it. It should really be using his theme by default.


Do you guys have the stage unlocked for multiplayer? It only ever plays the Omen theme for me when I’m fighting him in Shadow Lords. Vs Gargos and in multiplayer I get the Gargos theme.

I have it unlocked, and it defaults to Omen’s theme wherever I play it apart from the Gargos Boss Fight.
Perhaps it’s a bug.

Weird, maybe it depends on if you last fought omen or gargos in SL? idk

I do agree that Omen LOOKS way cooler and more fitting on the Astral Plane… maybe he should share that stage with Gargos and Shago can keep Shadow Tiger’s Lair. Astral Plane looks like it was made for Omen.

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Though I don’t have the Astral Plane yet (due to difficult to solve accessibility-related barriers currently present in SL), I agree that Gargos’ theme should take precedence over Omen’s here. Omen could share the stage with Gargos, but I think he should keep Shadow Tiger’s lair to run with continuity to a degree.

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