Dear "Modern" Uncle Tusk

Do you know how to tie a man bun? If so, can you show us a tutorial? :smiley:

:joy::joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: I’M DONE!

Not getting the humor

Id love to see tusk have a man bun for an accessory

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he looks like him D: ! but younger LOL

I can’t seem to see which is the final face so im waiting until launch.

Kim sure looks awesome!

What about He-Man accessory for Tusk’s retro?



I’d be soooo conflicted between Kim & Tusk, if Tusk had He man accessories.


Oh I see, good one.

Man-buns are so not sexy…

[quote=β€œKevBones10, post:6, topic:5662”]
What about He-Man accessory for Tusk’s retro?
[/quote]He already does the He-Man pose as he activates instinct, so I think this is a very strong possibility. However, I think it’ll be done for his premium outfit, not his retro, since his retro will be reserved for making him look like he was in KI2 (in other words, without the power of the beard).

I know. But He-Man accessory is perfect costume for Tusk’s retro!