Dear iron galxay plz don't fuck the up pc port

Man there as been so many ■■■■ ports on PC mix bat man I don’t want ki to die

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KI won’t die, and the PC Port will be fine. Don’t Worry. :slight_smile:

People really shouldn’t be worried about KI because of the Arkham port. Vastly different situations.

Relax, my friend. The devs know what they’re doing, they have not let us down yet. They would not announce it if they weren’t capable of doing it. Also, if you’re gonna mention Arkham Knight, you should know that the port was done by another studio, as are a lot of ports. But KI’s PC port will be made by IG themselves, so keep faith, they’ll do good :wink:

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I also really hope that the PC port is good, I want 21:9 Support !

the only way to be at peace with the character models. The only chance to mod things we don’t like in the game. We will make mods. Doesn’t matter if they’ll allow them online or not. Ig has to nail this pc port.

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I’m pretty sure Microsoft wouldn’t allow that to happen since it’s going to be on their devices. Plus, I don’t think the people who ported Arkham Knight are porting KI.

And hey, even if they are, game development is complicated, not to mention arduous. I hope those guys get to work on something more fruitful sometime soon, because they’re probably great engineers, and working on a doomed project is soul-destroying.


lol, like if the game would die for a fucked port. If the game survived beeing xbone exclusive for 2 years, nothing will kill it, let alone a port to a platform with people constantly begging for games.

I hope so tried of all the ■■■■ ports that been on PC