Dear fellow KI fans, how it's going on your lifes?

I wont lie to you, the pain of losing a loved one will hurt. but it will get duller and more manageable.

I’m doing fine as well.

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Thank you :heart:

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Yes, you are right. It really hurts and I miss her. And yes, someday…

Good to hear you are fine

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How are you guys?

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Doing okay

My brother had a situation trgarding his hand but hes recovering. He’s at the point where he can do things in short burst.

Got a new version of software I use to texturing models. I even finished a new model for my brother. You’ll get to see it when he finishes that animation to show it off.

and as soon as he heals we will be back to work on the Primal Rage final battle.


I’m glad your brother is recovering and you are also doing well :slight_smile:

When you are ready with Primal Rage, link the video in here?


yup i can

My brothers comback video


■■■■. I’m sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he gets better.

He is the video i linked will tell you the updatew on his condition

Things have been pretty terrible. My second son was born but he and his mother nearly died (that was fun)

Had to quit my job last year to look after them but thankfully they’re both fully recovered now. Published my third book which I’m happy about

Congratulations on your second child and your book, though I am sorry to hear about the news. I hope things get better for you and your family.

Out of curiosity, what is your new book called?

All good now.

It’s called RESET. It’s kinda similar in tone to my other stuff so sci fi fantasy.


doing well, brothers hand is healing and to the point where he’s able to do some things.


I’m so sorry to hear that :o I’m glad they are better now. And congratulations for your second son and your book :slight_smile:

That’s great :slight_smile:

Oh, guess what guys! I got Nintendo 64 and Killer Instinct Gold for my 30’s birthday gift! :smiley: I know, maybe it’s weird I still didn’t have them, but at least in here Nintendo 64 is not cheap. I almost cried of joy. And well, now I got something new to my Killer Instinct collection. Overall, I’m doing much better now.

I hope you guys are well too. :slight_smile:


Nice. I gather I can find this on Amazon?

I’m glad to hear! :smiley:

Well, I was tired from working eight days a week, not to mention I had National Guard that last weekend, so I’m using the time to rest. I’m also working on my KI fanfic story.

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finsiehd a major kaiju model.
Now I’m learnign davinci Resolve (vidoe editing software) its pretty good so far.

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Oh great, congratulations.
Even I am going to buy that too :star_struck: