Dear diary: Im in probation

So i got in probation today after not playing in ranked for almost a week because 1 guy disconnected on a match, r u fking serious? It wasnt even laggy the entire match, just a spike and the guy crashed

Does probation mean anything? I think it just means that if someone disconnects,you won’t get the win next time.

It only means that you are right, but is like saying… you are some suspicious cheater since you got 1 win for a disconnect in a week, feels bad man ;(

It has happened to me before as well and I don’t get many complaints about any matches that I’m involved in being laggy or anything. Just randomly one day I got the same probation warning you did: “You’ve been winning a lot of matches involving disconnects. If this continues, you will be placed on probation.”

I wouldn’t worry about it too much but perhaps keeping an eye on your internet speed would be a good idea just to be sure its not you.

(This is NOT just to the OP of this thread, this to everyone who is having this issue.)

When there is a disconnection, the game doesnt just say “SOMEONE is getting probation.” There IS a process behind it.

I have gone through plenty of disconnects in a very short amount of time, without getting on Probation.

You know why? My connection is great. The game CAN TELL where the lag is coming from, and it will give a “Probation” to the player who is contributing the most lag to the game. (Which is never myself.)

So, even though you are not cheating ON PURPOSE, if your internet is bad, you will get on probation frequently for being the player who ruins a match.

Lag doesnt just come from salty players, it comes from bad connection. If your connection is SO BAD that even the GGPO netcode cant handle it, you need to get better internet, get a restrictive router, or stop playing ranked.

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I dont lag frequently, and i also play halo 5 and dark souls 3 online pretty well without lag issues. The problem i have here is sometimes in the middle of a match i get ONE huge lag spike and the match crashes, maybe it is because im from Chile and im far away? Does that mean that im forever banned from playing ranked because im a foreigner? Whenever i play against brazilians they are laggy as fk and i dont see complains against them here

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