Dealing with an influx of new players and CAM

Yeah, not that noble. Teabagging or taunting earns you the most vicious beat down I’m capable of delivering, and a full ultra, taunt, and teabag of my own after you’re dead. Usually with a stern warning of “don’t taunt” after it’s all done :laughing:

On topic, there are definitely a lot of new players on right now due to games with gold and CAM. I just turned my filter up to screen for only other killers. CAM or no, it’s not really fun for me or them to maul on a new player, and I’m not going to play an alt if I’m not feeling it at that particular moment. I’d rather they get matched up with another of the new qualifiers floating around right now, and have a pleasant experience fighting someone around their own skill level. :smile:

I’m glad you posted this, as it’s something I’ve never really considered. I just leave the settings to the default (qualifier :arrow_right: killer) so I fight whomever shows up. If it’s someone who’s knowledgeable about the game, then great! However, if it’s someone who isn’t that good or that is new, then that’s a teachable moment. Still I like the idea of us Killers giving them somewhat of a break to fight others of their own skill level, so they can take the time to enjoy and learn the game at their own pace. :slightly_smiling:

Sounds like the same kid I ran into! He stuck around too!

Is summoning hails repeatedly and standing still or using burnouts on new players a good way to teach them things? lol

It’s hard. Very hard. When people see my lvl 50 Jago Killer Status, they leave. I even had one start the match to fight, only to leave because the skill level was higher in my department. I had ONE person stay because he played Jago (Or is trying to) and ask me questions.

We all asked for this. More people. Well, we got it, but they are still babies to this game. We need to nurture and help them take their first steps. Only then, will they learn to walk, then to jog, then to run.

That being said, with the whole tbagging, they are just HYPE that they beat a Killer (That I let push buttons on me to get used to combos)

I was playing Exhibition with Wulf against this one guy that I let win. He did full ultra, and Tbagged then sent me a message saying, “If this is what Killers play like, this game is too easy.” So, I hit rematch. Nearly body this guy. (Near Perfect, and Combo & Counter broke EVERYTHING) And he sends me a message saying," GG. I’m sorry." And leaves. Us being the better players as of right now, we need to show these guys and girls how fun Killer Instinct can truly be.

I say just punish them until they write you a “you’re good” message. Then, and only then, will I be nice enough to ease off of the pedal and start to usher them in. But that’s just me. I don’t like people until they give me a reason to like them.

Yeah, but I show them cool stuff If they ask, and teach them EVERYTHING I know.

Look at @oTigerSpirit! The dude asked me for Jago advice, I gave him a Novel and a best selling series, and he now can consistently give me a hard time, if not just straight up beat me down and send me packing. LOL :laughing:

Like this:

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I fall far more along the line of “teach and nurture new players” than “body them as hard as humanly possible until they learn and EARN my respect”. The latter seems kind of pointless to be honest…what possible fun is it repeatedly trashing someone with a fraction of my knowledge or experience? That’s barely entertaining, and has the flip side of likely turning off people who are giving our game a chance. I don’t get that mentality at all :confused:

If you’ve no desire to teach (and I often don’t, or feel that the gap is too great for me to be particularly helpful) then simply turn your filter up to try and fight people who are nearer to your skill level. I will crush any killer relentlessly if I have the opportunity, but I see no point in savaging qualifiers who picked up KI on Games with Gold. Self-select out of that pool and let them fight other newbies. It’s more fun for them, and it should certainly be more fun for you too to run into opponents who will actually challenge you.

I’m sorry. But they need to be taught that they aren’t good. They come in with big egos, teabagging and taunting like those of the first moves they learned. Not all of them, but enough of them that I just need to punish all of them until they show me that they aren’t d bags from CoD.

That’s before we even start discussing the alternate profile so-called qualifiers that are really killer ranks 1,500 + hrs played players. You can always tell when you go to their profile and they have that one friend, you look up that friend and you find their real info. They always try to steal that first match up by surprise with their skills, tea bag and then leave. Then they make it a point to avoid me when I see them again. Well, I’ve been burned too many times trying to be nice. Not anymore.

*shrug * Whatever. It’s your life. If beating up on newbies who don’t know anything about the game makes you feel better, then do you.

Read my post. And, you’re right. In the end, I’ll do what I want to do.

I did. There was nothing of note in it. You think most (or near enough that it makes no meaningful difference) of the Exhibition population is comprised of a-holes and smurf accounts, and your pride is so badly wounded by one-and-done encounters and teabaggers that you’d prefer to take it out on all the legitimately new people in the playlist until they somehow prove to you that they’re good people.

I read your post. I was unmoved. Continue on with your life. :unamused:

I know it may not be the best strategy for growing the game. But I honestly like the “beat them until they respect me” mentality. It’s very easy for people to get egos, and letting them win isn’t going to TEACH them anything, it’s just going to help them ease in. But TBH if they really wanted to ease in they’d go to dojo or exhibition, and in exhibition I’ll go easier on people and be kind from the start. Unless of course they cuss me out on the mic, in which case…prepare yourself.

Most of the requests sent to me for helping them learn the game are because of my youtube channel, so they know my personality and what they’re getting into. That’s much easier for me to manage.

All the tactics I loathe and hate, on this forum I can learn about why certain players play a certain way.

And it is also another way of calling out someone, saying that I am not running and you can find me here and here.

Trust me not every new player that enters the game, does so thinking they are gonna be badass. Though if you see a new player acting like such then otherwise feel free to.

Don’t get me wrong - I don’t think LETTING anyone win is generally a good idea. That’s part of why I simply prefer to avoid completely new players if I can help it. Learning to “play down” to someone’s level doesn’t help you improve, and can teach you some pretty bad habits besides. If I’m up against someone who’s really green I won’t go absolutely nuts on them, but yeah, I’m aiming for a supreme victory every time. Which is why I avoid playing them in the first place - what am I really gaining by supreming some qualifier 10 times in a row? I’m not learning anything, and I’m probably not doing him any favors either, since if the skill gap is too large it becomes very difficult to learn anything meaningful.

No reason for anyone to be getting heated about this. But I thought the below quote was worth a look.

I’m not sure that I agree with this. I don’t think even the most cocky noob in the world is thinking “today I play my first game of KI online. I am going to WRECK FACE and next weekend I will be EVO champion!!!”

You have a pretty clear picture of what new players are like, which I’m sure has been shaped by your experiences. But I know that I usually don’t play games for very long if I don’t think I have at least HOPE of becoming good at them. Most game designers wouldn’t tell you “okay, the first level of a game is the one where we completely destroy the player with insane difficulty so they realize how much they need to improve if they are going to beat this game.”

When I started playing, I knew there were guys who were way better than me. As I made my way up the rank ladder in Season 1 I wasn’t sitting around thinking “I am the bomb! Fear me scrubs!” and when My level 5 self got paired with a level 16 guy who crushed me it wasn’t a. much fun, or b. incentivizing me to play more. And in that system they had good reason to go whole hog, because new players with vast FGC experience were joining all the time and a loss to a low rank opponent would kill your rank.

I don’t know. Everybody will deal with it their own way. If you get bored by new players, or if you don’t want to deal with their attitude or are worried about smurf accounts probably it’s better to set the filter to Killer.

If I play someone who I suspect is a total beginner, at the start of the match I’ll play at about 75% capacity (I’ll anti-air jumps but probably do a bunch of heavy auto-doubles or something). If I can tell they understand what’s going on but aren’t good enough to beat me, I’ll probably play at this level for the rest of the match and just see what happens. If I can tell they have no idea what’s going on, I’ll just sandbag into the ground. I’ll let them get close to beating me, then either try to win or sometimes let them win. If they were a smurf account and they beat me up badly, I just shrug it off and find a different player.

I don’t really care if they get an inflated head, or if they taunt/teabag, or send me a message saying I suck, or any of that stuff. The experience of those actual newcomers who are just checking the game out for the first time is worth it for me, because jumping into a 2 year old game online and knowing you’ll probably be fighting a lot of good players is really intimidating and it’s cool that some people are trying it out. If winning a close game against someone ranked higher than them brightens their day and encourages to try again tomorrow, that’s pretty cool. I also don’t care at all about winning or losing in an online fighting game, even to low ranks.

About the teabagging - if someone does it to me, I give them the benefit of the doubt; I simply and succinctly ask them " please stop; it’s rude" and they usually do. If not, then the gloves come off…

lol, I started out trying to block wind kicks on reaction in the lab, because I was thinking “if I can’t do this, how the hell am I going to react to up-close jabs like the pros do?” I think it’s fair to say that I harbored no hope of even becoming competent at KI at the time.

But yeah, I would definitely prefer that beginners have a clearer and more hopeful introduction to the game. That’s one of the main things I advocate around here, really.