Dead Rising 4

Here is the Trailer for Dead Rising 4

Who doesn’t that time of the year of Killing Zombies on Christmas. It’s gonna be a Jolly good year.

Yes Frank West has a Twitter -

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Been there done that.

Will be nice with a christmassetting though.

Buuuut RE7 got announced :wink:

I am so ready for this. I have played every Dead Rising on Xbox. I’m looking forward to doing this one.

It’s a little unusual though considering Willamette is already destroyed according to the first game though. I’m kinda wondering how it’s back. Still, the trailer offered a lot of awesome looking weapons and things to do, and it’s probably only the tip of the iceberg on this one.

I like this game dere, dead rising 3 is a guud one dere

Who cares we get to kill zombies on Christmas.