Dead or Alive 6!


Tournament footage showing top 4 matches…


Free version of DoA6 is to be released today on all platforms (in Japan)… I just read the Japanese tweet… sorry, I’m not up to date with release in other countries than Japan.

Initial rotation with free characters are Bass, Kasumi, Diego and Hitomi.



Huh. I didn’t know they were going to do this again. It’s so much like the free to play KI model.


-shrug- Well, it was a pretty good model I think. In all honesty, it probably worked better than it had any right to :joy:


Not to be too negative because the game itself feels excellent but the amount of reuse of assets is disappointing. The menus and unlockables are practically the same as in DoA5 and I detect no attempt to improve menu interfaces, game modes or anything else…

Not sure what is / would be in the season pass (I saw wedding costumes as dlc #1) but I don’t expect too much based on the level of effort I’ve seen so far in currently available contents.

Don’t let this dissuade anyone from trying the free to play (core) version though, because the core gameplay is solid. I haven’t played online yet though as my PlayStation plus expired :laughing:


I’m gonna wait a while. My backlog is pretty heavy. But I probably will get this at some point.


Yes, there are too many good games out now or soon. Will wait with Dmc5 and mk11 myself.


Here’s my idea for a DLC character that should be added in the near future! His name is Hiroya Shinji, and he’s supposed to be Lisa Hamilton’s boyfriend/fiance.


I won’t lie. When I saw the link to Deviantart I sort of expected there would be a drawing…


Definitely seems like an OC lol

Real talk though, not sure about his fighting style. In DOA, or any 3D fighting game really, they’re very distinctive as to what each character’s fighting styles are, and because of this, they most likely have real names and such. You could just a “Self-taught” in there but I still don’t know. It should be unique.



Survey link


Still blows me away how beautiful this game looks. Anthem and DoA6 really have been the two gems I picked up this year. Lots of rough edges but what shines, really shines.


I got the core fighters edition, and Xbox sent me a message saying “thanks for being a long time member” (I’m paraphrasing) so I got $5 for free. Bought Honoka. I’m going to learn this game as much as I can!


Honoka is pretty cool. Pretty and cool lol


Indeed. :smile:


I’m playing Rig on PS4 and stuff like this is happening.


Marie Rose also plays very cool in this game. I liked her moveset in 5LR to be honest and she is still one of the cooler characters in terms of her fighting style. Been doing some combo practice with her.


I haven’t played her yet. I want to try her. There’s a lot of people I want to try but I don’t know who’s gonna fit my style.