DE bonus Content separate

We are almost a month away and I need to know if that bonus content can be obtained without it or if I need to buy it.

At this point, I would just assume that new content on the DE is exclusive to it until stated by an official source.

I know I really didn’t answer your question, but that is what I am doing.

Well the figures and their DLC is still exclusive, so I’d wager that there won’t be any exceptions for the Definitive edition either.

If the content that comes with the Definitive Edition does get a stand-alone release, I can almost guarantee it will be AFTER the DE has already been out for a while. They aren’t going to sell off the incentives to buy it before people buy it.

It will definitely remain exclusive for a while after release. It may or may not get a separate release (we know the Soundtrack is) but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I’m already planning on buying it again and just giving the disc to a friend, so I’m good but I do hope they release all this exclusive junk later on.