Data Recordings in Shadow Lab, How does it work?

I’ve been recently playing a LOT of matches to record shadow data for my shadow character and when I look at the Shadow Character Overview in the Lab and I wanted to know what the Data Recordings do, (I’ve done 3 matches against Jago but it says 0 wins and 0 losses with no percentage) how do I get it to work?

If I understand correctly, the recordings against certain character show multiple things. One is the W-L ratio show in percentage (W-L xx%). The other is the amount of “recordings” you’ve registered against a certain character. These are shown in red/yellow/green. Is that what you were asking about?

To clarify what I meant by “recordings”; It’s the amount of times you have played hat matchup and chose to save shadow data afterwards.

The win-loss numbers are your shadow’s performance against other players, not that of your recordings.

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Your win lose percentage is just for the shadow recording itself. When it wins or loses a fight those numbers will change. A good way to get those numbers to start moving is by going to Shadow Lab and facing a ton of Shadows that belong to other people. Your numbers won’t change there. It’s when people realize their shadows have lost that they look at your profile and challenge it. That’s when your shadows win/loss change.

There is a thread called Shadow Friends around here with people wanting other people to face off against. It would be good to post your tag there. Your Shadow will get challenged often.