Dat Kim Wu Tune is soo HYPE

I just want to say that I’m really happy about Atlas Plug and Celldweller doing the soundrack. Kim Wu stage music is FREAKING AWESOME! Just give us more good stuff guys! S3 is gonna be Amazing on all fronts.

What do you KI people think about that soundtrack?

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I like what they did with it, the old KI2 melody with some harder stuff going on. I didn’t get to hear it on a stereo system but I’m excited to hear more when it’s all done.

I really liked it :grin: Just want to be able to find an actual full version of it now somewhere!

Yeah it’s sounds great. Can’t wait for the s3 soundtrack

I Really Enjoyed It. Ready For S3!

Agreed. This track really blew me away. I look forward to see what they do for the other characters.

Love the new track from what I’ve heard so far. The vocal bits, the electronics, the guitar, the beat…
It’s all pretty darn cool.

I need a full version.

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I’m waiting to hear the full song before judging, but my initial impression was the strings/keys sounded very oriental, which is great, but the drums with double bass still sounded very metal. They sound very much electronic, rather than tribal or natural. I love metal, it just kinda seemed like 2 different styles mixed together. I didn’t dislike it by any means, it just didn’t strike me as an authentic Chinese/Korean beat. But that might not be what they were going for anyway.

I was a little confused by the stage too, which has something to do with how I interpreted the music. I assumed it was Korean or Chinese, but then they said she was born in America and there’s TJ Combo graphics on the wall, so I don’t know what’s going on. Is this one of those ‘Chinatown’ places like in New York? Asian themed, but American based? If that’s the case, I think the music is more appropriate.


Yeah, pretty sure it’s just some back alley of a slice of Chinatown or something similar. The TJ graffiti and Kim’s ABC heritage pretty much confirm the city to be somewhere in the US.

I love her stage. Music too.

(I would not have complained either if her stages was a college classroom or campus)

Yeah man, that bridge with the vocals is so hype! I have it in the back of my head all day:P

Props to Celldweller and Atlas Plug! That song was SICK! Way to go Clayton!

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The music is amazing. It is the only think I feel is perfect. Hope graphic design gets better.

We need the full theme XD

Oh season 3, you are so close yet so far :sob:

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I honestly can’t hear the song that well bu what I was able to here I liked it.

Her soundtrack is good, but I think her Stage is disappointing and they need to change the ultra sounds. So I’m not impressed :worried:

I think the trailer is very early because you only hear swoop sounds on Kim’s trailer ultra- we all know there will be a musical que to each note in her final version
Can’t wait to see Kim’s ultra on Orchid stage!
Why what don’t you like about the stage ? Just curious- it’s very different from the others and Very dynamic in that’s the fruit stands topple and Canopy tears and neon signs burst with each high combo in second lifebar!!!