Darth Maul in KI or Grievous in MKX?

Darth Maul with his Cyborg legs like shown in Star Wars the Clone wars or the Star wars visionaries comic would fit perfectly into KI, I don’t like the Fact that KI becomes Guest character but he would fit.
Instead of a Shadow bar he could has a Force bar or something else.

I already mentioned the idea of Grievous in MKX in the old KI forum.
My variations would be General Warrior and Kaleesh.
General: He has his Cape, 2 arms, Blaster and a electrostaff
Kaleesh: no cape, two arms with 2 Lightsabers and a blaster
Warrior: no cape, 4 arms with 4 lightsabers, no blaster

What is your opinion?

darth maul in mkx would’ve been stellar

A Star Wars character in MKX would be a great fit, but now that its in Disney’s hands, I doubt they’ll have it in that game, too much gore for their standards IMO. I’d like to see any one of the Darth folks in KI though, that would be pretty badass.

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