Darkstalkers Series

So I recently became interested in the Darkstalkers series and was looking to get my hands on one of the games and play it myself. No sign of any of these games on the XB1, but I managed to find “Darkstalkers Resurrection” on PS4 but you can only get it with PSnow via rental…Why? Is there any reason why I can’t just purchase the game instead of “renting” it, and is there any word of this game eventually becoming actually purchasable on either of the current gen consoles?

Because it is not a PS4 game. You can get it on PS3 or PS Vita.
They have about 3-4 of the DS games on Vita I believe.

I too was interested in playing them but I do not have a vita or PS3…I did have PS now and it was great but too expensive. you can get a 1 month free trial or 14 days … but I dont think DS was on that selection? There are games that are part of the PSnow stream and there are games you can rent for 3$.

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Damn :frowning: I guess I could get it for PS3 if I really have to. I am not sure, I checked the store on my PS4 and “Darkstalkers Resurrection” was available via the PSNow but I don’t think I am going to do that thing. Like you said, its a little pricey and I am already paying Sony a yearly subscription to play online, I don’t really want to give them anymore, especially for one game. It said I could “rent” it but I just don’t see the point in that either when that will eventually add up to be more than a regular full price next gen game lol

I might just see if I can find it for PS3 or something. Thanks for the reply btw :slight_smile:

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I wish Darkstalkers was rebooted or continue the series into our era.

Capcom please!


That would be awesome! With all these rumors of Capcom’s financial issues, SFV still hot on the scene, and apparently Darkstalkers Resurrection not selling well it doesn’t look too good though :frowning:

Well what you can do is the free trial for 14 days and maybe even play 20$ for the 1 month…play the games exclusively for that 6 weeks and you should get your fix.

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Yeah I was thinking about maybe doing that, idk something about paying for the game and only having it for a limited time just doesn’t sit right with me lol

Have you ever played Skullgirls? I am kind of interested in that as well.

Yes I played SKull girls and a TON of other games I would never get the chance to play while I had PSnow! I had it for a bout 4 months until I cut it off. You can set it up into you PS4 setting to not" auto pay" at the end of the month. Its definitely worth trying for 1 month as long as you do not have a game that you are playing exclusively that will take up all your time. Otherwise the subscription is useless.

So for example if you just got DOOM and you plan on playing DOOM every day and night for the next month… do do the PSnow… wait until you dont have a major game to play.

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That makes sense, ill think about giving it a shot. How was Skullgirls? That game looks like it plays similar to games like MVC, Blazblu, and Guilty Gear, all of which I have never played before. Can somebody used to traditional 2d fighters get into Skullgirls? I have never played those games where there are assists and air dashes and stuff lol

I enjoyed SKull girls for the few times I played it…but its not as good as MKX and KI… but its fun. Its def worth a shot to play and see what its about.
Im really interested in DS but IM not gonna buy a Vita or PS3 to play it.

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Yeah I think I might buy Skullgirls 2nd Encore, its only like 24.99 on PSN for PS4. I am really interested in DS too, but I have kind of retired my PS3 but I guess I could break it out to try DS. I was hoping they would port Resurrection to PS4/XB1 but I don’t see it happening now

they have SKull girls on Xbox one backwards compat now!

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Awesome! Is there a difference in Skullgirls and Skullgirls 2nd Encore?

Less characters and such.

So is 2nd Encore like a “Complete” edition?

Yes. ^^

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