Darksiders III



Fury’s Force Hollow Form


Oh yeah thats right !!! Its November !
Soon we shall have the Precious !!!



All-new music from Darksiders III


The official reveal of Fury’s horse


FYI the now-official given name for Fury’s horse is Rampage :grin: :smile: :sunglasses: :+1:




The official Darksiders III release trailer


Anyone pick this up yet? I really enjoyed the first one but was never able to get into the second.


Too much junk loot ?


Honestly, it was nothing about the game. Although I love single player, story driven games, I don’t have any time to play alone. My gaming time is limited and I generally use it to play with the kids, or play online with my brother. So I bought two different versions of Darksiders II, played maybe an hour, then never went back to it.

Edit: I really enjoyed the first one and thought it had a lot of potential for the future of the series. I do think maybe they missed the boat a bit with some of the design changes for 2, although I give them credit for trying something different.


I thought The 2nd was an improvement over the first in everyway… except for the excessive amount of Junk you have to pick up and sell.


The varied reviews are kinda holding me back, I’m a fan of the franchise but can’t really commit to the purchase right now for some reason. I might just do it in the coming days but for now, I’m thinking of waiting for a Christmas sale or something.


I love the series but I got a huge backlog to attend to… no point picking it up now if I’m not gonna play it… Gonna wait for that almighty 50% Discount. It will probably have some DLC or a complete edition too.


I’d enjoy this game more if it actually had a map. lol


Maybe they wanted go with a more Breath Of The Wild type of exploring in III.

Which I personally don’t like…


I’ve done 2 playthroughs of the game now, then went back to complete the first Darksiders (Warmastered version) as well.

In comparison to the two past games, Darksiders 3 just feels a bit lacking. It crashes now and then, textures need to load in for every clip in every cutscene, sometimes when I take a few steps or change direction the game has to load in the areas some times 3 times right after one another, the “puzzles” in the game are nothing more than “throw this beetle at the web”, and the whole final part just seems a bit rushed.

It lacks polish. Which is a shame, because despite the lackings, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. I love Fury’s journey, the areas are cool and beautiful, the gameplay is fun (though maybe a bit simplistic) and the bosses are great! I just wish there were more. I know there will be DLC, but it doesn’t excuse the main game feeling like it’s missing some things and is lacking the polish.

It’s a good game, but it could have been great.

Also, I needed a map as well. I got so lost in my first playthrough, however, I absolutely loved how the areas were interconnected. The whole world is one big map, and I think that is awesome! But I also think that’s why it had to load again and again and again, which is unfortunate. I also love how the areas are like the first game where the areas look kinda post-apocalyptic fantasy-like, but it’s all actually happening on Earth!

Fury is an awesome character and I really like her design and her whip, but her moveset is also rather lacking, even with the new weapons you get along the way.

The game has so much potential. But the keyword here is that it is lacking on so many areas, which is such a shame.


They actually have a patch that fixes some of the performance issues and makes easy mode even easier… but its not officially out yet so if you want it you have to go through some weird steps to get it.

Very unfortunate you didn’t enjoy the puzzles… because if theres one area where DSII wasn’t lacking its having a metric ■■■■ ton of puzzles.

And they were great puzzles but ■■■■ there were so many it actually felt off putting… not to me though… I loved all of them but I can understand why others didn’t.

How does the game look, aesthetically ?


Darksiders 2 was the first I played, so that’s what made the foundation for how the franchise feels like for me. And when going back to play Darksiders 1, I feel like Darksiders 2 improved on a lot of things. Hence why I say that in comparison, 3 just feels like it’s missing some things, because it just doesn’t have the same amount of content. Also, 2 had some epic moments like fighting the giant guardian, scaling the flying fortress, stuff like that. 3 has none of that. Even the “big boss” of Darksiders 3 (no spoilers) didn’t feel like the epic fight it could have been.

Aesthetically, as said, it is beautiful. Other than the textures having to load in for every clip in the cutscenes, they look beautiful when fully loaded. ^^