Dark Souls III, should I get it?

I’ve had a lot of my friends reccommand the game to me. and I’ve honestly been wanting to dabble a little bit into some other games.

So what do you guys think? personally I prefer the opinions of my peers that actually play the games enough to give a good opinion to consider it.


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Got some footage with more “flare?” o3o

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Alright I’m gonna give it a go.

First thing I think I’m going to do is learn to dodge and gaurd and stuff.


have you played Dark Souls 1??

If not I recommend starting there. Its backwards compatible or you can buy the digital X360 copy for 10$.

Do you have a PS4? If yes… you need to play Bloodborne!! Its blows Dark Souls 3 away! ( IMO )

But yes you need to play Dark Souls!

Dont give up! I advise you start as a Warrior and pick the Fire gem as you birth gift.
If you have any questions or need any help…dont hesitate yo ask me.


Damn he kicked their asses! LOL… I havent play much PVP …only when Ive been invaded.

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Definitely is a videogame saga that people should play from the beggining to the end. I started this year and im fascinated.

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WELP I just happen to have chosen Warrior because: I love to use fire and I love to do damage.

Also updateon you guys; just beat the first boss and it took me 4 tries. Not proud of it but eh, lol.

Also @FallofSeraphs76 I thinkIhave you on my freind’s list. We should play some if possible tommorow.

4 tries isnt bad for the Bonfire sword keeper Lundy dude!

Warrior isnt really a fire guy…but choosing the fire gem allows you to equip your Axe with fire earlier in the game than normal. You still cant equip it just yet as you enter Firelink shrine and meet Andre the black smith…but soon, once you get the right “coal” for him to start ascending weapons…you will be able to turn that Axe into a Fire axe and its very useful in the 1st 3 major areas of the game on the Undead warriors and hounds.

You will also come across a Dark magic battle axe early too… you can swap both of them out depending on who you are hitting but the Fire axe is the better one to level up throughout the game until you get a bigger better weapon much later in the game.

Be sure to save up enough souls so you can purchase the tower key from the old lady in firelink… you then can open the tower and head to the top to get some crystal gems, a fire keepers robe (which really isnt handy compared to your current armor) and most importantly…Fire keepers soul (To boost your Estus flask) the Silver Serpent ring which will grant you more souls upon slaying enemies.

Let me know if you have any questions…and I highly recommend the Dark SOuls 3 book they have on sale right now at Game stop. Its very helpful in understanding how the game works and how to create weapons,ect… that stuff is very difficult to understand for a new player and can be overwhelming.Once you “get it” the game will just really kick into high gear in the fun realm.

Me too man…me too. I like Bloodborne a lot more…but right now DS1 has me super hooked! DS3 was a bit of a let down since I was so wrapped up in Bloodborne…but DS1 is really making me like it much more and I cant wait to get back to DS3 after 1 and 2. Hell Im wanting to get a PS3 so I can play Demon Souls! LOL

@JEFFRON27 Hey man…I have Dark Souls 3 on PS4 unfortunately so we cant PVP together… Id o have DS1 and DS2 on Xbox 1 though.

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Yes, although I’d start with DS1 as it happens chronologically before DS3.
I did 3 playthroughs of DS3:

  1. no shield, only 2-handed weapons, no ranged weapons, no magic nor pyro nor miracles
  2. all sorcery, no shield, little armour, no ranged weapons
  3. no armour at all, no magic no pyro no miracles, bow and shield allowed

I also played the first run completely blind and finding stuff as I went along, taking notes so I’d remember to go back to locked doors, etc. Sadly, you can only do a blind run once, but they’re the most fun.

I think I downloaded DS 1 woth GwG one time, but played it for a bit and the combat felt horrid, could barely hit someone and when I tried to fire something I was unable to hit my target, I dont mind a degree of difficulty in a game, but I dont like fighting against the controls. Is DS 3 better in this regard?

Glad you guys like it though, might give it a try again sometime when I have less of a game backlog

Did you use the “tracking target” command? You push the right stick down and it targets the enemy

@JEFFRON27 BTW you should have received a Backwards compatibility code for DS1 with your DS purchase?

Git gud, scrub

I have no idea, I just know I couldnt get into the game and that has rarely to never happened to me. Didnt really like the looks either, bit too rough (and I’m not someone thats hung up on graphics when playing games), played it a few years after release when it came woth GwG though.

Maybe I should give it another chance…is Dark Souls 3 a bit different/better/more evolved from DS 1 though? Maybe that game would be a better fit for me, loved the trailers for it…

Saluts Sir! Yes, Sir!

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its the same exact game but with better graphics.

Dark Souls doesn’t teach you anything or tell you anything… you have to figure it out on your own type game. that’s the beauty of it.

At the beginning of every DS game though are these orange and black stripe patches on the ground that when you walk on them they have a message…each one tells you how to “target”, fast attack, strong attack, roll, jump, ect…

You probably ran right past them and therefor missed how to target and enemy.

I too did the same thing with Bloodborne and gave up… I came back a year later and actually learned everything and read about it on line and once it clicked…its the greatest games ever!

Id give it another go and start with Blood borne if you have a PS4…if not go with DS3. Just study the game, watch Youtube, read walk through on the weapons system and combat system… you have to put a lot of effort in tot he game in order to fully get it.

I’ll give DS 1 another try then since I already have it and, I dont have a PS4.
Maybe I needed to give it a bit more time to click and I didnt give at the time on account of it being a freebee and me having a lot of other games I was playing at the time. Ds 3 is a bit to expensive still to buy if I moght not like it. I’ll get back to you about the experience :+1:t2: