Customized my stick, came out pretty sweet

Check it out!

What do you guys think?!

  1. What kind of stick is that? Is it an atrox?

  2. What kind of guitar is that?

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I don’t like how the buttons overlap the Fight Club logo. Other than that, good looking fight stick.

It is atrox**! And I’m not sure, its my girlfriends. I play the cuatro (4 stringed Venezuelan instrument. I tuned it like a ukulele, though it’s around 3 times the size of one)

So my girlfriend and I jam sometimes with those. You play something?


I play guitar, although I hurt my hand so I’m on hiatus for a little while. I have a Yamaha F355 and a PRS SE Angelus.

Edit: where does an arrow stick come from?

hers is a mitchell, mine is a cordoba. we should xbox live jam and stream! KI and Jam!

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(Can’t talk about how cool the stick looks)

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