CS:GO and 3rd party shady gambling practices

Hi Im FGC_Slamjam, also known as FPS_Slamjam on CS:GO. I’m a lowly Silver 4 and I’ve been playing CS:GO on and off over the years. Recently theres been a huge gambling problem in the game. I’d like to bridge communities here from CS:GO to Killer Instinct and would like to ask all of you to give this video a watch.

And please, spread the word. Maybe you don’t play CS:GO, but maybe your friend does, or your friend’s friend. And letting this information trickle down the grapevine can end up saving someone a lot of money and from a gambling addiction.

It maybe late but I’ll share this to my brother. He better have realization after watching this than playing to his beloved casino thing called Uusimmatkasinot.