Crossover Ideas for new characters

Have you guys thought about adding characters such as Kratos, Asura(Asura’s Wrath) or Akuma(SF) ? I think it would be epic to see them inside the game, of course with the permission of the authors of the characters : )

I don’t think we will get Kratos in KI because he’s playstation exclusive character…

Well we have Asura and Akuma then

Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark…



Doomguy would be cool…

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hehe thanks! I knew it was Joanna… for some odd reason I had Laura Croft in my head and thus I combined them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Grimm Matchstick :dragon_face:

Kratos is PS exclusive and the other two are Capcom characters who are unlikely to deal with MS considering that they could make all the money by just using them in their games, Asura might be in MvCI according to some rumors.

I think that it is not just me who wants to see the meta or master chief in killer instinct for xbox one. (i know that they are from different parts of the halo universe) KI already has the Arbiter from the covenant, so why not the master chief (UNSC) or the Meta (Project Freelancer).

There should be an unspoken rule of only having one guest character per franchise (I’m looking at you injustice)

I hate Duke Nukem but he’d kinda fit well with the cast in a weird way.

I’ve always thought Alex Mercer would be a great fit.

Leper from Darkest Dungeon.

Nick Scryer from Psi Ops.


Cause why not…