Cross Play - PC data isn't synching to the cloud

I have been playing almost exclusively on the PC since launch of S3. I fired up KI S3 on my Dad’s XB1 to play my brother while visiting today, and logged in as me to play the game.

I got an error message that it couldn’t download my saved game from the cloud, and loaded the last known good data. That data had Sadira about 14 levels lower, along with Hisako being about 10 levels lower.

I also deleted my old Sabrewulf shadow, and created a new Sadira shadow on my PC. Now, I’m back to my old Sabrewulf shadow.

I just fired it up on my PC, and it asked if I wanted to use my local data or the cloud data. I picked local, and the settings and things are correct, but, is there some way to FORCE the PC version to sync to the cloud so this doesn’t happen again?