Cross-Buy Question

So i’ve been hearing conflicting reports on this.
On One hand people are saying you can buy the KI stuff on the Xbox store without needing an actual Xbox One, and then download that stuff for the PC. On the other hand i’m hearing you do need an Xbox One for this. Kinda wanting to know so I can get a gold trial and get Season 2 Ultra on sale and the Season 3 Ultra before it launches next week

Worth a try: @rukizzel can new PC players who have no pre-existing save data buy KI content in the Xbox store without having to boot up the game on an Xbox One with their account before they can use said content with the PC version? Is thee word of god on this?

fwiw: I’m pretty sure the answer is “yes” and there’s just been some confusion because those who have pre-existing save data need to boot the 'Bone version first so that their save data will update or something. But the messaging on this has been lacking.

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That’s exactly right, @Fnrslvr!

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