Cross-Buy not working properly? Shin Hisako not showing as purchased DLC item on Xbox

Since this is a cross-buy entitlement issue, I’m not sure if it goes in the game bug reporting thread. If so, please close and I’ll post there.

My issue is I bought Shin Hisako from in-game on PC, but the Shin Hisako DLC item on my Xbox is not showing as puchased. If I find it in the store on my Xbox or web storefront, it prompts to buy it again instead if showing “Install”. The item is not in my ready to install list either.

I can actually use her in-game on the Xbox using the account I bought her with, but since it is not showing as an owned DLC item on my Xbox system under manage game, no other gamertag on my Xbox can use her unlike all the other KI character content on my Xbox, including a skin pack I bought which any account on my Xbox can use.

It looks like a cross-buy entitlement issue, with the items not being linked on Microsoft’s backend somehow, unless the new characters somehow operate differently. I have the same issue with Kilgore, but he’s not available to buy now, so I can’t tell how his DLC item on Xbox behaves.

Can a dev please verify what sort of behavior they are supposed to to exhibit? Shouldn’t a cross-buy/play anywhere character show as purchased and usable by anyone on your home Xbox just like any other DLC item/game, regardless of the platform on which it was purchased?

I’ve never seen anything indicating that in order for cross-buy features on your home Xbox to be fully functional that you have to buy it on the Xbox storefront and not initiated in-game on PC, so this is very odd/frustrating. I don’t want to have to buy the items twice in order for it to work properly on both Xbox and PC.

I’m happy to provide any additional information needed.

Update: Contacted Microsoft support about the issue and they just refunded me and had me repurchase the store-front facing item as a workaround, but the entitlement issue may still exist if purchased the same way. Hopefully this tech issue still gets resolved so we don’t have to worry about the method of purchasing content causing issues in the future.

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I forwarded this to the entitlement team this morning and there was indeed a missing entitlement, which has now been fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks again for bringing this to our attention!


Thanks! Much appreciated!