Crimson Vampire Bat Available in Shadow Lords


Have we got any updates for KI gold refunds yet? It has been a while. :worried:


Yo rukizzel, dont forget about us over here. Kind of a bummer that before this is resolved you guys have already released the next pack.


This right here. I purchased gold to obtain the crimson bat and like many others I too got shafted. And in all fairness it has been a while and you’re releasing new packs. Patience is a virtue I guess?


Never forgotten. Just pinged the thread again. Sadly, releasing a pack is far easier than digging up other information regarding to them.

Hope to have a resolution soon.


I’m just glad to hear you guys are working on it. Thank you so much for at least keeping us in the loop. You guys are soo good with keeping us in touch as well as saying stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue: