Create your own ultra?

hey wouldnt it be cool if you could create your own ultra in the game? the ideas would be endless! :slight_smile:

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Don’t really mean to be pedantic, but they wouldn’t be endless. THey’d have to stop the animation limit somewhere if they were to do it and even then you would only be able to make the ultras so long to avoid a backlash

This would be really awesome, and seems like it would be simple at first, as similar things have happened in games before…

But it REALLY would not be simple at all. If they ever did do it, they would have to let people use pre-made “cycles” of animations and musical notes. A nice idea, though.

I think the current ultras do well by having the best moves from each character in a flurry finishing set- I couldn’t do better

This along with a create your own character? That’d be very interesting.

I’m just gonna say no. Mortal Kombat had a build your own Fatality. It was horrible.


I was just about to say this.
I will give it credit as a possible “idea before its time”, but it was implemented horribly.
But that also doesn’t make it a reason KI should not give it a shot. Not definitely put it in the game, but keep it on the table and see if it can be done.