Crazy new character idea!

So recently i have been thinking about all the possibilities of the new characters in season 3 and i am overwhelmed by the hype. And i was thinking, what if we could see a return of Ryat Adams, the creater of aria? What if he was resurected as an AI by putting his brain (or something) into machine. He was created, or brought back, by Orchids crew or a new rivaling coorporation to fight Aria and end or overtake Ultratech. They used him to bring fear into Aria as he is her creator so she sees him as a father. But ultimately the new Ryat was programmed to understand that he is superior to her and given a directive. And then Gargos comes in and ends everything!

What do you guys think? He could have bio organic armor i would love to see that happen in KI.

it sounds neat but we already have Aria and Fulgore who are robots and Aria is technically the A.I character. otherwise it may not be a problem

Would be better if ARIA brought him back as or in fused him into Eyedol to fight Gargos

How would that work exactley? Ryat as one head and Eyedol as the other? Lol

that being the back story behind Eyedol’s introduction into the game, Lets say Eyedol was vanquished by Gargos, and Aria used the professors entity to resurrect Eyedol, that would also answer how Aria would be able to keep Eyedol’s allegiance to Ultra Tech, Similar technology used first on Eagle to create Fulgore, then to create Cinder… And the final iteration of this technology is Ultratech’s Grand champion… Eyedol

That would also leave room for the Prof to later be consumed by the absolute power of Eyedol and later break off from Aria’s control to regain Ultratech