Country and ethnicity of the average KI player

Trying to get an idea here so here we go. I’m american of russian descent (so I guess that makes me white but maybe half asian too?). You guys?

(I was inspired by this thread)

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I am an American Caucasian male.

Before anyone flags this as a sensitive subject…

Diversity in communities can sometimes be very surprising. KI seems like a game that may have a strong presence in other countries, so this interests me as well.

Unfortunately I myself am not part of the diversity…

I’m a typical white male in my 20s in the USA.

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Remember, some people won’t feel comfortable divulging this kind of information. There’s a reason why it’s optional on a lot of legal forms and documents.

I know but like ZDhome said:

Personally, I’m fine with it because it is optional, but at the same time, that’s also the reason why you may not necessarily get anything resembling accurate results. You’ll only have a sort of “window” into the diversity of this website’s community (in other words, NOT the average KI player, as the thread’s title suggests).

I know. I only named it that because @Dranyamarel143 named his something about the age of the average KI player.

…and that’s perfectly understandable - but it’s also inadvertantly misleading.

What should I rename it?

Beats me.

I’ll keep it as it is then.

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USA :slight_smile:

Puerto Rican & Dominican! Proud of it! Basically, my heritage is from the Carribean.

That means I’m exotic…


Yellow spotted horse w/ a big long neck!

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From what I’ve seen of you at CEO, yeah, you’re exotic alright - you should be a peacock.

Because of my Colorful personality?

Nah, it’s the :eyes:s. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As my gamertag says adrunkhalfbreed. My dad’s white and mom’s Mexican. Both sides are drinkers. I usually write in Chicano when asked. I’m 34 living in the middle of the USA. Cheers!


German/French Oklahoman…

I’m as pale as it gets and a natural blonde. :slight_smile:

Mexican-American, born in the USA with bloodlines from Castile and León on my fathers side.


Indian. Grew up in Bahrain so I tend to tell people I’m from there instead.

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