Counter Breaking out of an opponents combo

Sooo, this happened a couple days ago. Can anyone explain what happened here?

Knew it was going to be minion related. What happened was the minion hit him which counted as an opener, then you combo broke since you were still in hitstun, and the combo breaker hit is a counter breakable hit when you’re in the combo system so your input turned into a counter breaker and he activated it because he was still hitting buttons from his combo.

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Maybe something like this? XD

If minions act like pojectiles/openers could be the explanation. I was taken by surprise when this happened as well.

Props to you for keeping your head and taking the combo. I was too surprised to do anything but throw the guy :confused:

Now for the difficult question. If the combo breaker hit is counter breakable does that mean it’s also combo breakable? Could someone combo break a combo breaker O.o

It might be an opener? Then the other hit (the minions, Orchids grenade) would be the hit that’s getting counter broken?

The question then, would be why the hell did @MaruMDQ get a counter breaker when he broke heavy?

@TheKeits @Delriach do you guys know what’s happening here?

I think your minion actually hit AFTER your combo breaker. This counted as an opener and then you immediatelly pressed the counter breaker buttons.

Maru’s case looks very similar, the grenade exploded AFTER the combo breaker (put Youtube in 0.25 speed to confirm that), this counted as an opener and then she counter breaks.

Very interesting!

I only pressed medium breaker once to break the combo. I’m sure @MaruMDQ , who broke heavies, didn’t touch counter breaker at all

Gargos being broken again? Not really surprising.