Counter Breakers and how they accidentally catch throws and Instinct Pop and the possible fixes

I think we’ve all been there. Our opponent is a counter breaking monster, and soon you learn not to break combos. To try and get quick damage or even pop instinct, as soon as you think they counter breaker is over, you pop one of the two, but because of the counter breaker window, it reads it as a very late combo breaker attempt rather than a throw or instinct pop.

From a programming background, to fix this issue systematically is incredibly hard to do without changing how the counter breaker works. My suggestion though is maybe during the counter breaker attempt, have the attacker who performs the counter breaker to have a flash or color change of some sort that covers the character. That indication on that character quickly fades out showing the duration of the counter breaker. Since counter breaker windows are quick, it’ll still be hard for someone not expecting the counter breaker to anticipate it, but for a player who successfully read their opponent’s counter breaker attempt, they can easily identify when to throw or pop instinct without being caught in the counter breaker window.

What are your folk’s thoughts? I think this would be a great feature. I think the huge issue would be how to see the counter breaker window timer without making it to clear fr the defender to read their opponent is counter breaking.

Yeah I agree, whenever somebody tries to counter break me it feels like I can’t attempt to punish them without it counting it as a breaker .

Rather than flash the signal on counter breaker, the game could flash it when the counter breaker window has closed. Thus it becomes a “safe to act now” signal.

This makes failing a counter breaker even riskier, which I like.

I like that concept a lot, giving a global signal for when the counter breaker ends. I think that would definitely be something to implement.

Maybe it’s a good thing that counter breakers catch instinct cancels and throws, so that you’re forced to learn a better punish?

To be fair you really shouldn’t be punishing with throws and instinct though. Those are pretty suboptimal punishes unless you get something special off one of them (like Shago’s annihilation)

…or chunks off of Aganos’ throw for another example. I agree though - punishing with LP/LK into combos as a punish rather than throws is something that, I myself, am still trying to adjust to doing more often.

The idea is a solid one - and certainly this does happen to me (more when I don’t realize I’m in a combo and I’m trying to throw or tech a possible throw). But the reality is the game already provides a visual cue in the form of your own character’s hitstun. Once you are out of hitstun, you can safely perform another move. If you are still in hitstun you will be caught by the counterbreaker.