Counter Breaker issue?

Hi guys! I’m having a blast with Shadow Jago, but i noticed something that is kinda odd.

It has happened to me so many times now that i do counter breaker, and it’s like the time is much shorter than other characters, I was like: Counter breaker, then like inmediately I see a Lockout on my opponent, but no counter breaker occurs. Have I been the only one having this issue? Thanks in advance folks!

It’s not an issue specific to Shago, much less an issue at all; it’s all about your timing :wink:

It can depend on which move you are using when you counter break.

Essentially a counter break lasts for as long as the opponent is in hitstun. So if you counter break on heavy AD’s, there is a larger window for the counter break to last.
If you counter break on lights, the window is small and the opponent can press grab a little sooner.

So that may have a little bit to do with it.