Could we take a KILLER moment of Appreciation?

I wanna forget Kim wu for a Minute…

AND THANK @ULTRAODINSON and the entire team of Killer instinct… for the Killer Instinct World Cup… I know it’s not over yet… But the quality, the work, and everything is, In my eyes not getting enough gratitude (it probably is though)

I do plan on making a project after season 3 is finished/close to finished as a thank you note.

■■■■■ the naysayers… KI IS GAME OF THE YEAR! FIGHT ON! WOOOT!


Yeah after watching the balance changes I’m convinced KI is on the way up, not down. Season 3 looks like its going to be better than ever before. Not at all a fan of how Kim is presented, she’s boring to look at. I’m sure she’ll play good though so I’m happy for anyone who likes her. The Aribter on the other hand, oh baby.


I just saw arbiter…I probably should play halo now :open_mouth:

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I absolutely love the stream. Very nice to watch. I started watching 2am Tokyo time and still watching. Just saw the Arbiter tease. Crazy. Hopefully another character reveal on Sunday!!

I’ve literally been watching the stream all day, it’s been so much fun. My favorite part so far has been watching the S3 Rebalancing, purely because of the passion and energy of the crowd. Watching everyone be dramatic when their mains got nerfed, then hearing them immediately lose their ■■■■ when they saw the buffs… it was all wonderful, haha. I’m glad they’re showing a bunch of other stuff on stream as well, like the merch museum and the Ultimate Source figure showcase!

It’s been a great event and the future of the game seems really promising!


So HYPE for Kim. My main from my Childhood is back, and better than ever. She looks like a blast too.


Kim Figurine needs to be released already. Lol

TJ Combo RIP 2014-2016

My new main is Arbiter!


If you can preorder season 3 afther ki world cup, its a done deal!!!

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I’ll take this moment to thank IG for adding The Arbiter. Thanks IG.

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