Could VIP XP become an exclusive DLC bundle for the ultra edition owners?

Please make it apart from the ultra edition DLC as a bundle only content so we decide if we use it or not. Thanks.

You don’t want the double xp? Want the grind to be longer?

… Why? :confused:

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It doesn’t bother me much, but I think they need to figure out a way to keep Double XP on for Ultra owners, but turn off the blue arrows in the select screen. Again, no biggie, just a suggestion.

And yeah I love Double XP. Even with it it takes a long time to rank up


no. I just want to choose when its the better time to use it. Like when all of your characters are lvl. 50 and the XP still appearing all over the character slots. There should be a way to turn on/off this feature. For a clear character select screen sometimes…

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Now that I get what you’re asking, there are simpler and easier ways to address this than trying to separate the bundle into different downloads etc. Includinnjust flat out removing the arrows.

Rukari mentioned when it first came out that they were discussing removing the arrows and that they totally understood why we would not want them to appear int eh character select box.

But its been silent since that thread.

@rukizzel Any updates on this request? Thanks

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