Could new animations, help with the guess aspect?

I am new, so forgive me, if this has been mentioned before, but would it help, if Light, Medium, Heavy, all had different animations? For example. Maybe Jago’s light wind kick animation shoud be more like the original KI’s. An opponent sees the animaiton, and is able to identify that as Low, and can combo break off of reaction, instead of guess. Same with medium. People would be able to break off of sight, rather than guess. What do you guys think? Also. I think there should be a multi-block animation for this.

Hello since you mentioned that you are new to the game I figured I could help out here. All of the moves do have specific animations to let you know what they are. They also have sound cues that are specific to the strengths used. Special attacks; Lights are one hit and are very fast, mediums are two hits and normal in speed, and heavies are three hits and are very slow. Auto doubles also have the same structure as special attacks; lights are fast, mediums are normal, and heavies are slow, but like the name suggest they all hit twice. Most shadow moves hit five times and can be broken using any strength, I way they are broken are by timing the hits. Hope this helps

to me KI isn’t a game you ever feel cheated.

losing’s a ■■■■■, but not to the point where you blame haxxors or the game.

The feeling of getting better is great in KI.

Do you mean a different animation as a whole and not just more hits? If so, then I don’t think that’s a good idea. That would make it way too easy to break linkers as a whole

Not everything is meant to be reactable. In particular, I think unreactable light and medium linkers are good for the game.

People complaining about guess-breaking are operating under the delusion that a good game is one where you can always deterministically use your skillful reactions to best your opponent. The problem with this is that, if a sufficiently skilled player 1 could make all the right decisions on reaction and win on “pure skill”, then that would constitute a mathematically guaranteed deterministic winning strategy, and as a consequence, player 2 (even one with millisecond reactions and impeccable decision-making) would have no hope of winning.

Chess is deterministic, but it hides its winning strategies behind staggering computational complexity: as far as we know, there is no way of fully analyzing your options for a move and picking the truly best option, that would return a result prior to the heat death of the universe. Fighting games don’t really have that kind of complexity going for them, so they use unreactability to obscure the right choice and force you to make your decisions based on guesswork, odds, risk-reward, reads, etc.

Doubles do have different animations. Linkers - like the WIndkick you mention - also have different animations in that they differ in the amount of hits and duration. Namely, for most of the cast, a light linker hits once, a medium linker twice, a heavy linker three times, and a shadow linker five times. There are some exceptions, for example Thunder’s Triplax linker hits two/three/four/five times respectively, and one of CInder’s shadows hits ten times if I remember correctly, but you can learn those along the way. Also, when your character gets hit, they will reel back differently based on the strength and height of the attack used, it’s another way you can try to determine the strength of the attack.

So much untruth in your statement.

People complaining about guess-breaking never live under your delusion cause the guess breaking is not taken out of context like you did.

Do your homework before laying your opinion into peoples mouth or thoughts.

I’ve seen your particular complaints re: guess breaking. They differ from those which I am fielding, but you are misguided: in particular, you have a tendency of applying sub-par mathematical tools which fail to reconcile probabilities with costs/benefits, which you use to erroneously conclude that successful guess-breaks occur at too high a frequency. Requesting that I do my homework comes across as overly naive when you likely haven’t done yours.

Regardless, many detractors have asserted that breaking should be about reactions, have suggested systems for preventing, curtailing or discoruaging break attempts in unreactable intervals, etc. By suggesting otherwise you’re just showing that you haven’t been following the conversation.

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Lycan, just stop. You’re proven wrong again and again and you refuse to listen, then go to another thread and say the same thing that was just disproven.

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I’m going to ignore the argument forming, and the comment which is, if I understand it correctly, moronic, ridiculous and completely irrelevant.

Guess breaking really means two different things.

Guess breaking as a philosophy is what most people mean when they complain about guess breaking, and by this I mean just pressing a combo breaker the second you get hit without checking which strength it is. This is a bad habit which doesn’t help you improve as a player.

However, literally having to guess which strength to break is all but unavoidable on most single hit manuals and light linkers (and some mediums), as the break window is not long enough for you to react and break them.

You cannot entirely eliminate guess breaking as to do so you would have to make everything in the game reactable. There is a lot of educated guesswork which goes on in all fighting games so to assume this is unique to KI is unfair. The choice of whether to pressure an opponent in their wakeup or block to avoid a DP is also just as much of a guess (excluding option selects like safe jumps) as a guess break on a manual.

Can you - in fact, should you - watch to see the opponent’s habits and make a decision accordingly? Absolutely, but even if you “know that the enemy will definitely wakeup DP / do a light manual / etc” then acting on that is still an educated guess.

Still nothing to do with your statement.

Maybe you should think about counter breakers and how they can be used as reactable tool…

Your whole post was taken out of context. People complain about guess breaks cause they have a high chance to be succesful (at minimum! 33%) and the only way to counter the breaks is to guess. If you take out guess breaks and make everything reactable than there will always be the guessing around counter breaks - wich is totally off from your first statement wich implies guessing would vanish in the combo mini game if everything would be reactable and that people that are against guess breaking think everything should be reactable. So people complain about guess breaks are nowhere near your delusional statement. Again do your homework.

My statement had nothing to do with what i think or what mathematics are behind it. Just that your statement was bullshit. So why do you talk about my opinion…

Show me where i was proven wrong? A proof means something based on true facts not just opinions. Show it to me. There are no facts everything that gets discussed here are opinions that try to show whats wrong or not wrong. Just like my opinion or yours. You dont speak more truth than me. So just stop setting something as proof wich clearly isnt.

Another thing that i read are that other fight games have it too. Of course they have it but KI has the same plus more.

I think the complaints are mostly because on top of the classic guesswork like baiting a dp, reversals and stuff there is the crazy amount of guessing in the breaker game.

I give you a example

Street Fighter V:

Wakeup situation:

Guess if DP or not - i decide to block
Opponent guesses if i block or not - he does DP
I punish with st.hp run cancel cr.lp, st.lp, dp - 4 Hits + DP as Ender - while doing combo the only guess that would happen is a reset or if im not confident in hitting my combo bait a reversal, defender has to watch for resets or combo drops these guesses are happening


Wakeup Situation:

Guess if DP or not - i decide to block
Opponent guesses if i block or not - he does DP
I punish with st.hp opener into manual into linker into ender - 4 hits (or more depending on linker and opener) while doing combo on top of the guess about a reset or if im not confident in hitting my combo bait a reversal , i have to guess if he trys to break on reaction or guess breaks or breaks at all and have to guess the counter break, defender has to watch for resets or combo drops and maybe guess breaks and has to guess if i try counter break

While my opinion isnt the right one (i never claimed to be right for everyone - just for me) - the question about how much guessing should be involved in a balanced aimed fight game to be taken serious is imo more than enough.

And in my opinion KI is just a bit over the border for many fg players.

The moves already have their own unique animation, well at least the autodoubles do. Giving a new animation for the linkers like the wind kick would mean adding 3 new animations per character for each special move. That would just be harder for new players having to learn even more moves.

It’s fine the way it is where you can tell if it’s a ligh m or h wind kick by the speed and amount of hits.

Whilst the sound aspect (of each strength having a specific sound) is commonly mentioned, as a player without sight, I can say that if they are specific, they are very hard to tell apart. I’ve mentioned this to the audio director and hopefully it can be looked into for Season 3 and resolved in someform or fashion.

I understand your thinking though.

Could smoother, or slower animation could help? It would make timing less strict.

Will Maya ever get different animations on her mp & hk autos?