Costumes and KI PC question

Hello I need a couple of questions answered before I purchase any bundles

  1. if I purchase KI season 3 combo breaker pack, will I have the option of buying the accessories and costumes at a later date? If so how much more will I be paying compared to the ultra edition?

  2. I have an xbox one and a pc that is capable of playing ki, if my friend is on xbox one and I am on pc would we be able to play each other? I rather play on pc if possible.

  3. if I can play my friend, would i need a sub to xbox live to play him? my sub recently ran out and I really do not play anything on my xbox except KI, so buying an xbox live sub will somewhat go to waste. I can sign into xbox live suing the xbox live windows 10 app, not sure if that is the same thing or not.

thats it for the questions, thanks

  1. A lot more.
  2. Yes.
  3. No.