Cortana as a guest character?

Even though I know it’s most likely to late. But anything if possible but if it doesn’t happen it’s alright. I had a thought of having cortana also as a playable character. And maybe for her ultra she has two ultimate’s that you can choose to perform. One where she splits into multiple versions of her and they all attack you for a devastating ultimate. And her other ultimate she cries out for John spartan 117 and he comes out at the end and either have him finish you. Also sometimes as an intro John can walk and bold the chip in his hand that holds cortana and cortana comes out and John walks away and you fight with cortana of course because only cortana is the playable character.

Just think, she could be the first character to be controlled entirely by kinect voice commands too. :dizzy_face:

Please no. I really don’t want to see this becoming KI: Guardians to be quite frank.

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1 character per franchise please.

I agree with this. No reason to over do it.

Halo fans like be: OMG! OMG! OMG! WE GET MASTER CHIEF IN KI!!! What he’s doing?.. Cortana? Oh… Why only Cortana playable…


or better yet…Cortana accessories for aria…after all aria is an ai…