Core A Gaming on Taunting and Mind Games

A.k.a required viewing for many Killer Instinct players in 2017


There are so many threads on this subject. We don’t need another.

Possibly. But it’s a very very well made video that focuses on an aspect of fighting games that newcomers might not be aware of.


I’m.subscribed to this channel so i already saw it.

Same here. I really like that channel

Why do you say it is required viewing? What is the gist of it? I think most people already know that taunting can be used to get into people’s heads to throw off their game and that some people consider it legit strategy.

I think people who taunt and tbag are just taking the game too seriously because they go to the extend of having to try to disrespect or get into the opponent’s head just to win at a game.

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By the same token, you could say that people who are bothered by taunting and teabagging take the game even more seriously, because they’re letting some dude online get under their skin when they could just as easily ignore it and keep having fun.

Not saying that I condone online dickery, but I’m not going to act like it’s a one dimensional topic. I only taunt when I’m playing with friends, so obviously it’s not just a dirty tactic for tryhards


I actually think the opposite. If someone gets upset they were tbagged in a game then they are taking the game to seriously.

I seem to have missed the rule that said a person is required to respect their opponant. Just call me “kwazy”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I’m impressed this thread made it a few post before “tbagging” was mentioned in a post, I’m thinking this thread will end up like most threads like this. Some will argue for and some will argue against. Most people already have their minds made up on these topics and they usually don’t ever change them from what I’ve seen.

Some people even think “taunting” is cyber bullying. That IS “kwazy”. :slight_smile:

Back to people taking a game too serious… some do, but some like me just play to have fun. For the record, I think WAY TOO MANY people do take games too seriously. I think people have forgotten how to play for fun. They worship the almighty win / loss stats. (see threads like “please make this game easier again” to understand what I mean. That’s just MY opinion.

  • I usually don’t make a lot of post because I’ve always had trouble wording what I want to say. Some of my post may or may not make sense. Seriously. :slight_smile:

I pulled off a perfect teabag into throw combo yesterday. Some times I feel so hype and into the game that the teabag just comes out as a metronome of sorts, keeping the rhythm of my buttons during a hard knockdown. I’m not the type of player to rage either. It’s just a game.

That is why I made that earlier statement. Give it 24 hours, and it will be the same fight by the same people.

Didn’t we have this same topic less than a month ago?

Like @Fwufikins said, it’s best to ignore it.

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This is where I say “duh”. That’s pretty much what I said. lol :slight_smile:

What I can’t get over is how this video showcases horrible form in the art of t bagging. It always astounds me how people get it wrong. It’s very simple. There’s one rule to t bagging. The balls or ■■■■■ since ki is about equality( shout outs to all the female characters except sadira) belong on the chin. Not humping the ground or my characters knee or stomach. Cheers from adrunkhalfbreed!

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Why except Sadira?


I really love that in KI you can freely cancel a taunt into any attack so you aren’t really leaving yourself open but an already frustrated opponent can easily forget that in the heat of battle and open themselves up by trying to “punish” a taunt as they suddenly think they finally have an opening for a comeback and then GOTCHA!