Coping with losing to disprespectful players

Nothing wrong with taunting… the 2x 3x ultra should only happen if your provoke them. I dont understand it either and I get pretty salty too… I guess it bothers me most if Im loosing a lot of matches and less if Im winning a lot.

I just say walk away, because no matter what…if you loose and it happens your always going to be mad…so…unless you stop being mad…it will never change.

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I would suggest looking for the videos somewhere in the game and watch them. Look for key moments where you went wrong and work on that from there. Getting salty doesn’t help much. Granted there will be some disrespectful players out there but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them.

Every player has a hidden weakness behind the Sadira webs. Sharpen your mind and cut through the webs to not only reveal the weak points but to capitalize on pure Killer Instinct.

I hope that helped, if not, at least I tried.

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Easier said than done. So what’s your secret since you seem to know much about this?

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Yup, pretty much this. I mean, at least @Nailstare you are sort of admitting that this is your problem to solve, not something that has been inflicted on you by the world. Coping with disappointment and frustration is a life skill in all areas, not just games.

I try to remember that it’s just a game and I’m playing it for fun. I have enough crap to deal with in my job that I don’t need to be stressed out and aggravated over a game. The best answer is always to make friends with cool people and then play with them instead of random people online (who, let’s face it, will often bee asshats). If not, then you need to tell yourself that you are prepared to LOSE when you play. If you sit down and think to yourself “okay, time to win a bunch at KI” then maybe you shouldn’t play. If you are sitting down thinking “well, let’s see what happens today” then chances are you are good.

Remember too, angry people always seem to be upset that the other guy might think that he is better. Don’t worry about whether the other guy thinks you’re a scrub. What do you care? Just play the game and have a good time. Trust me - someone who has nothing better to do than hit you with a double ultra and then tea bag is probably just still salty about the last five in a row that he lost.


I don’t care what the opponent went through last few matches. You give respect, you get respect in return. I already said that I can cope with losing. Its the ■■■■■■■ LACK OF SPORTSMANSHIP AND BAD MANNERS THAT GET ME UPSET.

Yeah, but 1. would you be upset if you didn’t lose? To the point of hurting yourself? and 2. that behavior just tells you the guy is an idiot. It’s a poor reflection on him - not you.

I say Iron galaxy should implement a feature that BANS the use of taunting at the very least. Especially with Rash’s taunt coming in season 3.

Eh… I don’t like that people are jerks either, but why would they go to so much trouble to build a truly inspiration taunt like Rash’s and then take them entirely out of the game?

Look, there is no way to regulate player behavior - unless you want to start reporting everyone who hits the back button during a game. I have been a complete supporter of the idea that people who taunt and tea bag and act like losers online are exactly that - losers.

But in most cases the taunts are cool little animations for the character. Orchid’s firecat, Spinals laugh. These are cool things. Getting rid of the taunts still leaves you the teabagging. You could lock down the characters at the end of the second round, but the movement and positioning between rounds is part of the game.

I guess what I’m telling you is that maybe you need to just suck it up and deal. It’s not healthy for you to be getting so worked up about it that you are grinding your teeth and clenching your fists until you bleed.

Listen, we all get upset at games sometimes. It’s not like you are unique in this way. But you need to figure out what works for you as an anger management tool.

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Fine. Taunts between rounds are fine I suppose. But I’d love it if, at a tournament, someone even decides to taunt or teabag, they should be savagely punished in the worst, publicly shaming way. Immediate disqualification, and a ban from the next annual tournament.

Least thats what my rules would be lol.

I just go on my phone when the round ends , by the time I look back up I forgot what happened

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just like baiting counter breakers, spamming projectiles and mixing up your opponent. the one goal is to disorientate you and cause mistakes on your side. It’s all a head game in the game.
it takes time too train yourself to not care about those things. I’d say around 3 seconds of initially getting mad, just ask. is this really worth it? one guys gonna pizz me off and Ima play like crap till I get my head in the game.
there’s an infinite amount of disrespectful people online. it won’t ever stop and that’s 100% true, forever!
I get frustrated, sure. that’s only because I know I could play better than my previous performance.
some people won’t break heavies if their house was on fire. getting mad won’t solve anything, counter a manual light or medium. make their azz work for being disrespectful.

some people get mad and play better, some play worse. just figure out which one you are and adjust your emotions like you adjust game strategy. If u don’t, then that’s when you really lose. actually, it’s more of a forfeit.

I’m just grateful I don’t have to t-bag, cause fulgores taunt says it all and then some

I don’t like that Taunts are always considered so disrespectful.
Some Taunts are more about style and adding some flare to the fight.

Saberwulf’s taunt just feels right at the end of his opponent’s lifebar.
Tusk and Hisako’s taunt looks like a great thing to begin the fight with.
Omen’s taunt is the perfect punctuation to finishing a Godlike Combo.
(Jago and Fulgore have taunts that make me want to open-hand slap the crap out of the player using them. Probably cause I don’t play those characters.)
Generally, when I see a taunt, I choose not to interpret it as disrespect unless it’s accompanied by teabagging.


lol, sometimes when I’m dashing away from the opponent really fast I accidentally tap the backwardish down motion and bags like one time. I still feel bad. lol. worst taunt aria’s. ya I get that she’s scanning you like airport security but it’s just stupid. u like it?

She scans you but then she shakes her head in disappointment (best part of her taunt), as if to say “I’ve run a full spectrum analysis on you. Sorry. You just don’t measure up.” Or “This one just isn’t powerful enough for what I have in mind.”

You have to pray to the KI gods that you get a rematch in matchmaking and then after you beat them give them a full Ultra with all of the tea bags or taunts.

That hisako player Im sure I can beat with some practice. The Kan-Ra guy though? I don’t know how to get through Swarm spam using Glacius. Specially when the ■■■■■■ jumps around.

I know exactly how you feel. Lately, I’ve been trying to find a way to laugh it off. I notice a lot of the times people taunt me is when they beat me after I had a strong lead or if I kept a punishing something they were doing. It makes me feel like I got in their head and they’re trying to act tough. It gives me a good chuckle.

Sometimes I get bodied, they double Ultra me and then taunt me. I get a little salty, but I accept that it happened and feel they deserve to showboat a little if they beat me that bad. It’s not easy, but it’s just the way I try to go about it.

The answer to that is wait for season 3

also when the ultra starts you can close the game with little consequence.

I almost forgot about Glacius’ Season 3 changes. I’m glad for those. Rage quitting during Ultra is something I absolutely cannot afford to do upon my honor.

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once the ultra is input your opponent has the win,(including EXP and everything), thats a fact!
I think the ultra keeps going on his end too, I’m not sure.

No dishonor by my standards, but it’s up to you.