Cool Accidental Combo (sabrewulf double manual midstream)

Forgive me if this is common knowledge but I’ve never seen it before and I honestly felt liked I had dropped the combo until I saw the counter at the end.

The combo starts at the 15 second mark

Anyone else have those cool moments when you accidently hit a combo you didn’t think was possible and then rush to training mode to retest?


You didn’t drop the combo because of the amount of hit-stun. He didn’t recover before you were able to hit him again, which continued the combo. :smile:

…and yes, I’ve had those moments. :wink:

Yeah Sabrewulf’s standing MK is +7 on hit so you can chain any light manual, medium manual, or sweep after it. A few characters have normals that let them do this type of stuff, Jago is the most notable example.

why is jago the most notable example?

Aside from and f+hk which is +5 on hit he has nothing like sabre or riptor. In instinct its a different story but compared to hisako he is way to limited since s2 even in instinct.

Yes I have been using Aria and landing some nice God likes, I thinking about maining her (it) what ever. She is complicated but her combos are pretty satisfying. I just can’t take the her voice…Really is in my top 3 dissapointments. Really hoping for a voice re work for season 3…

Didn’t know Wulf could do that.