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Been Playing Shadow Lords and I must say the mode is very good at explaining itself,the Barracks are nice,the emporium is awesome and Kan-Rah as a shop keep is just to cool. But when it comes to the war room I can’t help be feel a little confused on navigating the globe. I notice on the side the corruption gauge telling me what areas need tending to but I can’t get the marker to go to the desired area of choosing. Example Africa was past 50% corruption so I tried to move my marker to it but when I press right the marker goes either up or down? And no matter what direction I press it stays on the same 3-4 areas? I see other parts on the globe where portals have opened but I cannot get to them as the controls are either unresponsive when trying to guide it or I am I not allowed to choose my location all the time? I have no idea. One last thing as a suggestion. I for one am not very good at Geography so I think on the side bar it should list the continent along with the location. Example, Location San Francisco, North America. I can’t imagine someone trying to save a continent but end up choosing the wrong location cause they are just terrible at geography like I am. That’s how I lost South America to Gargos lol and I know the shapes of the continents but sometimes they look a little…abstract. So please these minor tweaks could help a lot. Other than that Shadow lords is awesome. I’m aware this may be a personal problem though. Regardless thank you for the early Shadow Lords Access IG!

So… The War room… you can’t manually rotate the world and select a continent to lower the corruption. You can only go to the selected missions which appear at the end of each day. You only need to press up and down to circle through the given missions for that day… you usually get between 3 to 5 missions and it is your choice as to which missions you take by either rewards or lowering the corruption. Also, you can only fight 3 times in one day. Once you have used all your characters the next day will start so make sure if you can are able to access an area wit corruption…do that one.

As for the globe… I’d just say learn the continents… There isn’t that many and you are learning… which is a good thing :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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