Controller support post Anniversary update

Played Shadow Lords fine earlier in the week. The next day the Anniversary update decided to install itself and now my madcatz fightpad is not being detected at all. It still works in every other game I have installed though.

Tried the usual no brainer stuff (reboot, different ports). Haven’t tried reinstalling KI yet but I wanted to hold off on that if possible. Anyone else experienced this?

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This is happening to me too.

I went ahead and did a full system wipe (needed to do some system housekeeping anyways) and still no dice on the controller working. Tried both Xbox 360 Controller driver version: 10.0.14373.0 (7/15/2016) and version (4/8/2009) as those are the two signed drivers my system has.

Same issue. Madcatz TE2+ PS4 stick with xinput drivers worked last week. Does not work anymore. Windows sees it as an Xbox 360 controller and the inputs work in the Game Controllers Properties.

It’s the game itself not anything wrong with the computer or update. Whatever they did to enable Xbox One stick support in the game caused them to stop supporting everything else.

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Does anyone know if they are going to fix this? I really like using my mad catz controller.

< sigh >

I wish controller support just worked. It really doesn’t feel like that hard of a challenge to me.

Pretty much this. Win10 now recognizes my fight stick, but it doesn’t work with SFV now.

So yeah…thanks for re-bricking my $200 MS-proprietary controller guys! :thumbsup:

I am unable to use my PS3 controller either. I used to use it with Motion in Joy without too much issue, now it doesn’t detect it in game, but it detects it just fine in other games in my steam collection.

Found a workaround. If I load joy2key, map all of the keys to different things on my keyboard, and remap all of the keybindings in game my madcatz fightpad will work. Still have to use keyboard for menus though.

So do I remap controller buttons and d-pad to keyboard in the joy2key program and then map keyboard to controller in the game? I’m kinda confused about what you said to do to get the controller to work, could you please explain it in a bit more detail? I’d really appreciate it.


Don’t use joy2key that add input lag.
Use XOutput

Okay I will try that one, thanks!

Update: It works great! Thanks for the help with this, I really appreciate it.

One quick question, how do I assign the left and right trigger buttons? For some reason they make the z axis increase and decrease in the Test panel under Devices so I don’t know what to select for them. All other buttons (including left and right bumpers) work perfectly, it’s just the 2 trigger buttons that I don’t know how to assign properly.

BTW, my controller just has a d-pad (which can be switched to left and right joysticks too), could that be why the 2 triggers affect the z axis instead of an actual button in the Test panel? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Same thing is happening to me. My TE2+ and TE2 (both PS4 sticks) no longer are recognized by KI, but work fine with every other fighting game on PC. Would be nice if IG commented on this, like why this is happening, fix on the way something…

I can report the same issue, running it on PC. This is getting ridiculous by now, I actually feel bad for the team, they must be getting worked hard to continuously introduce bugs via a patch. It’s actually become the K.I norm, bugs, patch and play catch up.

I mean if the funds aren’t sufficient or if the game isn’t selling or whatever, can the damn thing and stop butchering it and tarnishing it even further beyond repair. Or better yet, hire better QA

I personally don’t mind, been this way since day 1, but not many people will stick around for this cluster bomb we have here.

Same issue with TE2+. Worked fine in the past, now the game doesn’t detect it. It’s set to xinput mode and works on all other games I have but not Killer Instinct anymore. Doesn’t look like they acknowledged this issue so seems like I’m gonna have to give up on this game. Kinda sucks, wanted to try out the new mode lol

They read the forums, they are aware of all the issues, problem is their budget is shoestring tight and time is limited. They are a very small team being worked super hard with little funds. Maybe it’s time to re-think the whole thing, the bugs are getting out of hand, we even have input bugs now with directions being reported.

XOutput keeps giving me the nonstop scrolling issue and I can’t get rid of it despite all of the suggested fixes. May just have to stick with Joy2Key or just not play KI until it’s fixed.

Registered on the forums to indicate that I too am having controller issues with my Mad Catz SFIV Fight Pad post update. Used to work fine.

Any update on this issue from the team? @rukizzel